Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Update

Every summer Pete's job requires him to leave for 4 months. Each summer is a different city or state. Last summer we were lucky and he got to stay in Fresno. This summer he is located in Midlothian, Virginia (right outside of Richmond). He left the 1st of May while I stayed at home to finish out some work. On June 12th I got to come to Virignia too! I'll be out here on the East Coast for about a month. I missed him so much. It felt like I was a single parent even though we don't have any kids! But even though i'm here, by the time I have to go back home and back to work, he'll still be out here for another month and half if not more.

Seriously, like 4 weeks before he left, we finalized the purchase of our FIRST HOUSE! We are now proud home owners in Clovis, Ca in a community called Harlan Ranch. I got to make it cute and decorated while he was away. Its easier that way because he had no say in it. hehe. Harlan Ranch has something for everyone. It's filled with parks and had a walking trail that runs throughout the grounds, there is a pool and a community center and a whole department to schedule community activities like movies in the park, etc. I think its great for new families with kids. We even have a couple of friends who have purchased in Harlan Ranch too!

View of the front of our house.

Our living room.

The front entry way.

The kitchen and dining area.

Master bedroom, office and guest bed and bath are all a work in progress.

My First Blog

My first blog! I'm really lost on how to make this blog super cute. Help me out!