Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treating

Happy Halloween!

Last year, Harlow was just an itty bitty thing, barely learning to crawl but we still dressed her up. She was so little there was no reason to go trick or treating. But this year, we did it! And she actually got it. Well, I think she got it. We headed over to Grandma Lori and Papa Rick's neighborhood to go trick or treating. Of course Nick, Brianna and Amelia joined us. Amelia really understood the whole trick or treating thing, which helped Harlow a little. Amelia was great at yelling "trick or treat" (sometimes before they answered the door). I think having Amelia show her what to do helped Harlow figure it out. She got the hang of opening her bag to let the people put candy in. She carried it the whole night, she wasn't about to let go of that candy, that's for sure. It was big and got so heavy, she might have done a little more dragging than carrying. She also refused to be carried, she walked from house to house the whole time. She even whispered a couple "trick or treats" too.

Harlow leaving the house to go trick or treating. Already with her first piece of candy from Grandma.

Knocking on their first door.

We eventually made it back around to Grandma and Papa's house. Check out Amelia ringing the doorbell herself.

An excited Grandma answered the door.

Harlow and Toby.

The girls with their candy.

Walking to more houses and dragging her heavy bag behind her.

Carefully putting her candy in her bag.

Finally at home with her pumpkins all lit up.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

On Sunday night we headed over to Nick, Brianna and Amelia's to carve pumpkins. Papa Rick, Grandma Lori and Aunt Jessi also came. Brianna made us a great fall dinner of chili and cornbread (made me forget that the day was 80 degrees). I wish it felt more like fall around here. How is it 81 degrees at the end of October? I had great aspirations of pumpkin carvings this year, so I put my husband to work! Because this mama doesn't have the patience for that sorta stuff. And lets face it, he's just better at it. Amelia and Harlow weren't too interested in helping, or the process of carving... So the adults did all the work. But I guess that was to be expected with toddlers. Every one's pumpkins turned out great. Happy Halloween everyone!

Harlow checking out the pumpkins.

I've noticed I have a tendency to strip by child down to her diaper for anything fun...

Amelia and her pumpkin.

Yes, we break out power tools to carve our pumpkins.

Aunt Jessi carving her pumpkin.

Harlow checking out the pumpkin guts that she refused to touch.

Power tools + pumpkin carving = polka dot pumpkin!

Harlow has the best daddy, check out his total concentration while carving Hello Kitty into Harlow's pumpkin.

Aunt Brianna.

This is what Harlow did while Daddy slaved away at her pumpkin.

Aunt Jessi.

The finished product, glowing on our front porch.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Babysitting Cousin Amelia

Harlow and I got to babysit Amelia on Thursday afternoon. I don't know who was more excited, Harlow or me? Amelia is such a sweet girl. Which makes it all the more fun to watch her. Not to mention that Harlow and Amelia are great friends. It is pretty cute to watch Harlow trail behind Amelia following and copying everything she does. They are starting to play really well together too. Harlow doesn't really understand the whole sharing concept but Amelia does and always lets Harlow have what she wants when she see's she's upset (we'll see how long that lasts, I think she lets Harlow off too easy.) I'm so glad that Harlow has a cousin who she can grow up with.

Their afternoon was packed with fun. They played with sidewalk chalk outside.

Spent some time smothering each other.

Did a little bit of dancing.

And collected some leaves.

Their might have been some destruction of the neighbors yard...

They had a popsicle break.

This is Harlow's "whoa this is cold" face.

Maybe a little fighting over the puppy...

And some tornado action in the living room.
Don't mind the paper hanging on my walls. It's temporary until I decide if that's where I want my picture gallery to go.

And some play cooking, and feeding it to Buddha.

They did some coloring.

With serious concentration.

Harlow and I would like to put out an open invitation:
Brianna, please send Amelia over more often!