Saturday, August 21, 2010

4 Month Check Up

We had her 4 month check up yesterday. We are a little late, she is already 4 and 1/2 months.

She is:
11.12 pounds

24 1/2 inches long

She learned how to roll over from her back to her stomach yesterday too.

She is still mostly wearing her 0-3 month clothes and a few 3-6 month.

She eats anywhere from 4-7 ounces each feeding.

She still won't eat the rice cereal, just keeps pushing it out.

She has been sleeping in her own room in her crib for the last 4 nights and has done great. She seems to sleep longer in there.

Went swimming for the first time :)

Had to get 2 shots and an oral med. She SCREAMED!


We have always known that she is small for her age (compared to most babies) but I was a little surprised that she wasn't 12 pounds yet. And so was the Dr. He said he wasn't overly concerned because her height is right on so she must be getting enough to grow. She could just naturally be a skinny baby. He asked to see her back in a month to check up on her weight. And told us to keep trying the rice cereal. Ha!

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Harlow's First Swim

Since I've gone back to work, I have Wednesdays off. So Pete took this first wednesdays off too and we took Harlow to Grandma Lori's swim school - Swim America. She is really too young to be in a class so we just put her in with dad. I was surprised at how well she did, especially because there was a daycamp going on at the same time and it was extremly loud. There were only a couple of tears that lasted less than a minute. She did great! And slept great afterwards too. She was so tired!

Just getting in.
She did great, and I'm sure it had to do with the warm water.
I bet she thought she was in the biggest bathtub ever.

Liking the toys.
She is so happy in this picture!

This is her excited face.
Aunt Jessi was there too!

They have the same expression on their face.
not too sure about the slide.

Grandma Lori and Cousin Amelia.

Can't wait until next time!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Try at Rice Cereal

Harlow: 1 / Rice Cereal: 0

Here is the setup... she already looks a little weary of whats going on.

I got brave and decided today was a good time to try and feed her rice cereal for the first time. I've heard that it takes awhile for babies to get use to it and really eat it. Since she is only 4 and a half months old, we are in no real rush but it would be nice for her to try something other than breastmilk.
She really didnt eat much of it, or have an interest in it. She spent more time pushing it out of her mouth and gagging on it. The look on her face was hilarious. She had no idea what to think about the whole thing.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Harlow's Motor-Mouth!

I knew it would pay off!!!

I sit in front of Harlow all.the.time. making funny noises to see if she will mimic them and she finally did! Check out her motor sound! So cute!

YouTube Video

Next she'll be saying "mama"! And I can't wait!

She is getting so stinkin smart. Love her!
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Family Reunion

well, we're home... finally!

Pete drove Harlow and I home which was a 16 hour drive, then stayed one day and turned around and drove the 16 hours back to Washington to work for another week. But the day that he did spend at home we made sure to see some people who were missing our little baby.

Grandma Lori and Harlow (Pete's mom)

Kelsey was home from college at UC Irvine and finally got to meet Harlow for the first time!
My sister-in-laws, Kelsey and Brianna.

Aunt Jessi and Harlow

L.O.V.E. this picture

Pete comes home late Sunday night, for good! well, at least until next summer.
We can't wait. I miss him, I think I'm getting a little lonely without him. I mean, there is only so much conversation you can have with a 4 month old. It would be nice to have someone who does more than laugh and cry at me. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 Months Old!

These are a little late, we've been busy...

Looking at these 4 month old pictures actually makes me want to cry. Look how freaking BIG she is! How did 4 months go by so fast? She is one amazing little person.
*She doesnt like to be held like a baby anymore, unless she is really tired or being fed.
*She rolls over every time we put her on her stomach
*She is working on rolling over from her back to her stomach, she has half-way down but just doenst quite make it yet. (And I'm ok with that, once she can do that I will never be able to leave her alone for even a second!)
*She is in LOVE with "Mr. Frog", her blankie that has a Frog attached to it.
*When she falls alseep to nap, she will pull Mr. Frog over her face.
*She hasn't been sick yet (knock on wood) other than some poopy issues.
*She loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings while I get ready.
*She also loves to watch videos of herself, especially the one of her first laugh.
*She learned how to pull her pacifier out of her mouth, everytime I look back at her in the car she has it in her hand. I wish she could figure out how to put it back in... *sigh*
*She has been doing so much better at sitting up (with help of course)
*She is getting closer and closer to being able to put her feet in her mouth (sick!)
*She got to pet the cat for the first time today.
*She can screech so loud when she is excited.
*We bought her a bouncy chair that plays music and has toys all around her. She loves it.
*She is glad to be back home (she told me :)) and so am I!