Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Shower With Friends!

This past weekend, Jenn, Terra and Amanda threw me a baby shower. it was the so cute, and all of the decor matched baby Harlow's room. Terra brought a diaper cake and amanda picked out all the place mats that had Baby Hafen written on them and matching candle favors, and jenn turned into martha stewart and made cute polka dot cupcakes and decorated sugar cookies. sooo cute! I'm so glad everyone got together, its not often i get to see all of my friends together. as we get older our lives get busier and harder to coordinate times to see each other, especially with some of us not living in town anymore. I LOVE MY FRIENDS! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! i really enjoyed myself and had a blast. thank you, thank you, thank you! now everyone brush up on your baby skills cause next time we'll have a party at my house to welcome baby hafen. LOVE YOU!

Sam, Amanda, me, Terra and Jenn

Andrea, Ali, me and Meridith

eek, look at my chubby face!

the whole group

Place mats and cookies

Table all set up, soo cute!

Jenn, Terra and Sam

Jenn's cupcakes and cookies

Terra's diaper cake :)

of course, cheer picture just like the old days

ack! :(

Andrea, Ali, me and Mer

Ali got her a cute leotard, cant wait until shes prancing around in that!

Mer really liked the cupcakes :)


Monday, February 15, 2010

Remember this mirror from Pottery Barn that I LOVED? well for $699 it will never hang in my bedroom. but....

I found 2 of these this weekend at Home Goods! I love them even more than the Pottery Barn version, and they were MUCH cheaper. I cant wait to see them hanging side by side above my dresser.
Valentines Day this year was a bust. Pete won tickets to see the All-Star NBA game in Arlington Texas through his work. The owners of the company he works for took him and like 3 other guys to the game, put them up in hotels and paid for the flights and treated them to a great weekend. He was only suppose to be away from Wednesday to Saturday for a Managers meeting in Utah but turned out to be even longer. He did send me flowers while he was away though. So I made him his favorite cupcakes. Funfetti cupcakes with Funfetti frosting. I am attempting one more project for him but that one turned into a flop. I'll attempt a redo in a few days.

While Pete was away I had some time to get crafty. I saw this idea on a website and now I cant remember what site it was from. Loved that it was green so it kind of goes along with St. Patricks Day. it was an easy turn around from the Valentines Day one I had done earlier.

At Joann's i found sheets of Moss that i used to cover a cardboard "H" that i also found at Joanns.

I cant believe i forgot about the weekly pregnancy update this week, i think i'll just combine the 2 in the next one. i'm too lazy right now.

Monday, February 8, 2010


the new car that pete "surprised" me with is starting to grow on me a little. it does drive smoothly, it looks nice, gas is great, and all the gadgets in it are pretty cool. not to say that i wouldnt have been just as happy with a 2010 Camry (especially because of the price difference). but whatever, pete makes car decisions, i make decorating decisions. he hasnt argued or put up a fight about anything i have wanted to do to the house or the baby's room. but next time we buy a car, i will definitely be going with him.

Lexus ES350
(not in love with the wood accents but what can you do?)

This Sunday, super bowl sunday to be exact, pete decided that he was going to prime and paint the garage. who am i to argue? i like a painted finished room more than anyone i know. it was his idea too, you would think that after painting the same bathroom twice in less than a week he would have no desire to want to paint anything any time soon. but the garage is his room, he can do what he wants with it. i think he's just excited for the big tool box he ordered. i dont think he realized how big of a project it really was. he also wants to epoxy the floor but i dont think that will happen for awhile after this. While Pete was priming and painting, i organized our shelves and made a give-away pile. so not only are our walls finished but things are put away in their proper place now. wow!


with one wall already primed

wall already primed

the color is Glidden's Wood Smoke


Pete ran out of primer so the ceiling will have to be finished at a later date. maybe whenever he gets around to putting epoxy on the floor (i dont see that happening any time soon).

last weekend we were able to finally put the baby bedding in the crib, her room is now complete!

pete also got around to putting together the baby's bassinet together this weekend. it is sooo cute! Thank you Grandma Lori!

Friday, February 5, 2010


I sent my husband out on a mission to buy a car, i couldn't go with him to help pick it out because i had to work. but we talked long and hard about what kind of car we wanted and a budget we wanted to stick with.


so when we last talked we had settled on getting a 2010 Toyota Camry. a good reliable gas friendly car. and not to mention it was a price i didn't cringe at.


definitely NOT a Camry or any Toyota at all. He came home with a Lexus ES350. first of all, thats not the kind of car we discussed or by far the price range we discussed. he thought he would just surprise me with it when he got home. WHAT IS IT WITH BOYS AND THEIR TOYS? let me just state that this is exactly what happened last time we bought a car. He went out to look at older used SUV's and he came home with the Yukon on 24's decked out with navigation, tinted windows, sunroof, etc. My husband is a salesman for a living but what he doesn't realize is that he got SOLD. how do you go to a dealership with your final decision you and your wife have discussed and come home with something so completely different? i would just like to state that i have LEARNED MY LESSON. never send your husband out alone to buy a car. it only took me two tries to learn this but... lesson learned. At least there isn't a third dirt bike somewhere in the garage too. it wouldn't surprise me if there was and he was just too scared to tell me about it now...

ask me again in about 3 weeks how i feel about the car. i may have softened a little by then. it is a NICE car, nicer than a Camry for sure. i'm just a little shocked.

32 Week Update

I'm a slacker, i haven't gotten around to this in awhile only because facebook gave my new laptop a virus and geek squad is currently holding it hostage. don't believe them when they say they will return it within 24 hours. liars!

- this weekend we are taking a birthing class. usually i wouldn't go out of my way to take a class for anything i didn't need to BUT i get really anxious in new situations and when i don't know what to expect. better to have somewhat of a game plan then stressing myself out when there are other things i should be paying attention to.
- we had a baby shower last weekend. thank you to everyone who came.
- the baby's room now has the crib and bedding set up. clothes and diapers organized.
- everything else is pretty much the same
- more people have commented recently that they are starting to see the growth of my belly change more often. don't know if that's a good thing or not :/
- the baby is about 16.7 inches long from head to heel.
- she had toenails, fingernails and probably some hair (if shes anything like me)
- she weighs about 3.75 lbs according to
- only 50 more days to go!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Shower with Family

This Sunday my family had a baby shower for me. We went to Sal's because I have been craving mexican food on a weekly basis. It was good to see everyone all together. Its rare that we all see each other outside of Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years. Thank you to everyone who came.

While we were all at the baby shower, Pete went golfing with his brother and some friends. So as soon as he got home I put him to work unloading the car and taking everything upstairs to her room. We got to put the baby bedding in her crib (finally). I'ts so cute! And of course the first thing Pete had to play with was the Baby Monitor that he registered for. It was the only thing he REALLY wanted on the registry. Not my choice, it was 100% his.

My mom and Pete's mom


This morning it became offical. We sold the GMC Yukon. No more 24's, navigation, blacked out windows and tail lights. It was a rappers dream car. (or my husbands small glimpses of his youth). If you see it driving around Fresno, dont honk and wave, its not me anymore :( so as of 10 a.m. this morning I am carless. As we speak the Husband is out wheeling and dealing to get me a newer and better ride. We didnt need to sell the Yukon but it would just be smarter to have a smaller car payment and gas payment each month with a baby coming. What money we save we will be able to put towards a savings account. Which makes me, the worry rat, feel much better about our future and unforeseen emergencies. Not to mention, by selling the Yukon it could potentially enable us to have a car without a car payment. No who doesnt think that sounds nice? Hopefully by later this afternoon I'll have a car to get me to work twice a day, otherwise you might see a 32 Week pregnant lady riding a bike down Shepherd. wish us luck!