Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

On Monday night we headed over to Nick and Brianna's to carve pumpkins.  This is Lennox's first Halloween! We previously had gone to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins and the girls had so much fun. They each got a little pumpkin and then we got one big one to carve.  I really thought that Harlow would be more into it this year but sadly she was not. She stuck her hand in the pumpkin to scoop the guts out for about 3 minutes and then was done with the whole process. Maybe being 4 years old will be the magic year that she wants to help and have a say in what her pumpkin is carved into. Regardless we all had fun that night and Harlow was more than pleased with the pumpkin her Daddy carved for her.

I bought the girls these mini witches hats and had to get a couple of pictures of them wearing them. I LOVE this picture of the two of them together.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lennox Mae - 10 Months Old

My sweet baby is 10 months old!  Time really does fly by when you're having fun.  When I close my eyes real tight I try and remember my children just like they are right in this very moment.  I don't want them to someday grow up and leave me. I want to remember them as my babies forever.  But it seems every time I blink they grow up just a little more.  Stop that!

Lennox is full of new tricks these days. But they are usually only done on her terms.  She's not one to show off that is.  She can clap her hands, sign milk, sign food, give kisses, give hugs, wave bye bye, wave hi, shake her head no, dance, stand up on her hands and feet, and sit on her knees.

And she can crawl! She started off really slow, almost invisible... When I first thought she learned I kept trying to catch her doing it but was unsuccessful.  I knew she could do it because I kept finding her in new places.  She only did it when no one was watching and as soon as you looked her way she stopped. I tried for an entire day to catch her doing it on video but never got it.  Then after about a week she really took off and now there is no stopping her. To her, nothing is off limits and she only thinks you're kidding when you tell her "ah ah ah". She crawls after her sister and follows her down the hall, into the playroom and into her sisters room. When it's bath time and she hears me turn on the water, you better believe she stops whatever she's doing and makes a mad dash to the bathroom.  I can't seem to keep her away from the stairs or the dog food!

She also has the sweetest sounding voice.  She was been say a few words lately.  She can say "Hi" and "Uh oh" and "Da Da" and she also sings along to her favorite song when it says "High, high, high!". Her favorite song is the "Goodbye Song" and she can do all of the coordinating hand and feet motions that go along with it. It is pretty much the cutest thing ever! She loves music and when Harlow sings a song she tries to sing along with her but it just comes out in one long howl. And she loves to dance along to a beat, waving her arms and rocking back and forth. I love that my girls love music so much.

Lennox has one tooth and another about to pop through any day now.  Thankfully she hasn't shown any discomfort from teething.  But it is still early and they are still pushing through ever so slowly. I love catching a sight of her teeth in her big gummy smile these days. 

She hates to have her finger nails and toe nails cut. I feel like I have to wrestle her down and use all sorts of different tricks to distract her. She's got a nice swift kick with some pretty good aim when you're trying to cut her toe nails.

It's safe to say that she truly loves her big sister. She crawls around following her all day and as soon as Harlow puts something down Lennox is sure to pick it up and check it out for herself which usually doesn't end well when Harlow notices. She loves to laugh when her sister tickles her or makes funny faces and sounds at her. And her favorite is when Harlow pretends to fall.  Lennox will let out a belly laugh every time.

I love this little baby girl of mine. It's crazy to think that I never pictured her in our lives. I always imagined a boy and a girl and now I have two girls. I think having two girls was just what I needed. Seeing their sweetness together makes my day every day! Even when I am frustrated, tired, and just need a break one snuggle from her and her sister and I completely forget about it. 

She'll be one year old soon and I am dreading the day. Please don't grow up too fast Lenny Mae. I love you being my tiny baby!
  :: Lennox :: Mae ::
10 Months Old

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Fresno Fair

This past weekend we made a trip out to the Big Fresno Fair.  It's been a tradition to go since Pete and I started dating.  And we have always marked the tradition by taking a photo booth picture.  It's becoming pretty clear that we are running out of room in that thing! Four heads to fit in that tiny little screen is getting pretty hard! 

This years trip was pretty different from last years.  Last year Harlow had no interest in riding any of the kiddy rides by herself.  I actually have a video of her sobbing on one we forced her to go on alone. She only wanted to ride if we were coming too.  This year she was game to try any of the rides and was bummed when she was told she was too short for some.  Of course Dad still rode a few with her so she could go on some of the bigger rides and so he could get in on the fun too.  Lennox even got to ride the carousel and loved it.

After riding rides for awhile we headed over to get some lunch, corn dogs for both me and Harlow, who then insisted I take the breading off of hers... And Pete got some tacos. We usually always go for the chicken kabobs but I hadn't had a corn dog in years.  We ran into the Aoki's and then my parents.  We looked at the animals, got a cinnamon roll and then headed back to the kiddy rides for Harlow.  She rode a few more and then we called it a day and headed home.  I must say, I enjoyed this year a lot more than last year. Last year I was much too pregnant to enjoy walking around the fair! It's fun to see the fair this year and have our newest addition join in on the fun.  She was an angel baby the whole time!

She kept making this face and saying "Oooo" while pointing and watching all of the carnival rides.

She rode this mini Ferris Wheel by herself. I was so proud of her because you could tell she was pretty unsure about it.  She was clutching the handle bars so tight and I don't think she moved a single centimeter the whole time. Well until the end, when she would come back down she gave us a tiny wave and then went back to hanging on for dear life.

Disney Junior Live

We took Harlow and Lennox to Disney Junior Live at the Saroyan Theater recently.  Nick, Brianna, Amelia and Bennett came too.  Harlow was so excited because it was featuring two of her favorite cartoons, Sophia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Doc McStuffins also made a little appearance too.  She loves Doc!  I seriously don't know who enjoyed themselves more, me or her! I will never get tired of seeing her so happy and excited.  She sang and danced her little heart out and I'm pretty sure I smiled for days afterwards.  Lennox sat through the entire show too, she has turned into such a good easy baby!

We even let her pick out a souvenir and of course she chose a Sophia doll. I also ordered her that shirt to wear especially at the show. She loved it!

Trying to catch the bubbles.

This is probably the cutest picture I've ever gotten of these two!