Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pine Valley, Utah

Well, we've been home (in California) for some time now and I have seriously been slacking in the blogging department.  I have just been enjoying hanging out at home and all things familiar. Think, laying on my sleep number mattress staring all the pretty things in my house that I missed so freaking much while we were gone! But I don't want to forget to post about our adventurous trip home.  Why yes, we did drive from Indiana to Utah to California. And yes, that's a really long road trip. It was close to 40 hours trapped in a car with a 3 year old, 8 month old, 2 dogs and 2 highly agitated adults. Oh the family nightmare memories!

To help break up the long trip home we decided to make a detour and stop in St. George, UT.  Pete's, Mom's side of the family was having their family reunion in Pine Valley.  They were all spending 3 or 4 days camping up there but we decided to just come up for one full day of fun, hang out for a day in St. George with Pete's dad and then continue our drive home.

I've only been to Pine Valley twice and had no idea how beautiful it is. It's so picturesque, with a church, one small restaurant, cabins, cattle, and mountains on all sides. I didn't even realize there was a lake there as well until this trip.  We spent the day running around with family and playing with cousins. There were games and activities for kids and adults. We left late that night to head back to St. George to spend the night and Harlow fell asleep in the car withing minutes. And when we got to St. George and I tried to get her out of the car she was literally sleep walking. I think that is a sure sign of a fun day!

Lennox was a dream baby (for once). When she needed to nap we just parked the car by the camp site, turned it on and let her sleep in her car seat with air conditioner running since it was so hot outside. She had recently been having trouble with strangers. She would cry if someone new talked to her, let alone tried to touch her. But this trip she was just eating up all the new people and attention she was getting.

The family playing a game.

Minute-To-Win-It games for the kids and adults.

 Harlow didn't nap all day, she was starting to get a little grumpy...

Iggy, Amelia, Harlow and Ella playing together.

Amelia and Ella attempting to get ping pong balls to stick on a piece of peanut buttered bread.

We learned that Lennox will someday be a flyer.

We attempted an entire family picture...

Harlow saw Ella riding a bike without training wheels. It surprised me that she wanted to have a try too. Since we have been home we actually bought her a bike and she is slowly getting braver at it.

Bennett! All boy!

Everyone eating dinner.

Hoola-Hooping is always a hit with Harlow.

Grandma Cindy and Lennox.

After dinner our little family went on a little walk to explore the lake.

Ella fishing.

I use to always say that I just wasn't that impressed by Utah but this trip opened my eyes a little more. I'll always be a California girl though, don't worry, we won't be moving to Utah anytime! But we will definitely be back to visit!