Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Pictures 2013

Happy Easter friends and family!  Last weekend we took the girls to River Park for some Easter pictures. I figured we would have a better chance at getting Harlow to take pictures if she was able to take them with a live bunny rather than a man in a huge costume.  It was a success.  When we got there she was so excited, jumping around and telling me which one she wanted to take pictures with.  The deal was that she had to hold Lennox for a few first and then she could hold the bunny and take pictures by herself.  When it was her turn she didn't want to hold it! She was happier just petting it from the basket next to her.  They turned out pretty cute anyway.  And Lennox was a dream baby while we waited in like for 30 minutes. And during the pictures too!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Wow, that week went by way too fast!

I surprised Harlow and took her through the McDonald's drive-thru and got her a milk shake. (We don't do fast food around here and she has never had one) She loved it so much she didn't want to put it down when she took a drink of water so she drank both at the same time!

We met up with Rick, Grandma B, Rick's brother and wife, and Jessi for breakfast on Sunday morning at Fresno Breakfast House.  I forgot all about this place! Harlow obviously loved it.

We attempted Easter pictures with the girls.  I figured we'd have a better chance at Harlow posing with a real bunny than a man in and Easter Bunny costume. I was right! Success!

Bet you can't handle the cuteness in this picture. Look at the chubby cheeks on Lennox!

Practicing some skateboarding upstairs.  Meridith gave this to Harlow while I was pregnant with her and now she is finally putting it to some use.  Meridith actually came to visit the next day and I forgot to get a picture of them playing with it.

I wish I could still nurse Lennox but one of the perks of bottle feeding is that she stares me down during each feeding and I LOVE it! 

Pete was out of town again and one morning I needed to run to Target (because we need toilet paper around this house to survive, don't you?). Anyway, I dressed the girls before myself and I had made them match because I rarely do.  Then I threw on some clothes in a hurry to leave.  When we got to Target, I got them out of the car and saw that we were all wearing the same freaking thing! Funny how that works and pretty embarrassing too!

And then I came home and realized that Lennox and I actually have another pair of pants that match too.  My girls are going to grow up hating me for making them dress like me!

Lennox has been showing interest in her toys lately so I pulled out this bunny that Santa brought her.  To say that she loves it is an understatement. 

She is getting better at tummy time.  She still doesn't enjoy it though.

Going through pictures and came across some of Harlow when she was first born.  She is going to be 3 years old next week!

The longer her hair gets, the curlier it gets.

She has been practicing riding her tricycle.  She is a pro now and brave too!

My little family playing outside.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Park Day

The summer is creeping up on us way too fast.  We'll be spending the summer in Indiana for Pete's job.  Every year before the summer I get an intense urge to do as much as possible as a family before we have to leave.  Even though we get to spend the 4 months with Pete, he is gone working most of the time and only gets Sunday's off. And so it has begun, my need to be doing something every chance we get when he's home. I bet it drives him crazy :) But family time is important to me, and I know it is to him too.

On Sunday we packed up the kiddos and spent the morning at Woodward Park feeding the overly aggressive ducks.  I had a mini freak out. I was holding the bag of bread when we got to the pond and I immediately got swarmed.  They kept getting closer and closer and wouldn't stop even when I kept backing away. They were practically standing on my shoes and trying to take the bread from my hands.  Harlow wasn't even nervous this time, even after my freak out.  She had so much fun and we even saw the duck she named Waggy from our last trip. Lennox enjoyed herself too, she didn't make a single sound, she just kept staring at the crowd of ducks around us.

After feeding the ducks we headed to the park by our house to climb on the jungle gym and swing on the swings. Funny, we actually ended up back at Woodward Park later that afternoon because Rick and Grandma B were having a bar--b-q for their birthday. 

Oh geeze, what will I do the day she doesn't want to hold my hand anymore.

That's Waggy on her left, the one with the red face.  He wags his tail every time she gave him a piece of bread.

A couple weeks ago I taught her how to pump her legs on the swings, she has finally started to get braver and insist on swinging in a big kid swing.  Yet another sign that she isn't my baby anymore. She probably tells me once a day, "Mom, I'm a kid!"

Friday, March 22, 2013

My 2?th Birthday!

I spent my 29th (shhhh!) birthday with my little family.  We did some shopping in the morning per my request.  And of course I ended up buying things for the girls and not myself, which always happens. Then we hung out and played at home. We later got dressed to go to dinner. Pete told me he was taking us to Pismo's which I had never been to.  We got there and the lady told me there was a 30-40 minute wait until Pete told them that Ray had saved us a table.  He surprised me by having the manager save us a reserved table with flowers and champagne. I had no idea he knew the manager.  And Ray was nice enough to give us some amazing appetizers.  If you go there, I can highly recommend their Sirloin Steak and Seared Sea Scallops!  Everything was so good and I can't wait to go back!

I'm sad to be in my last year of my 20's! Next year will be hard to swallow.  I am feeling old! I'm 29 and have 2 kids! Maybe I'll magically stop aging at 29... One can wish...