Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Be still my heart. Her eyes are so beautiful!

Harlow likes to give pony rides to her sister. And her sister just like to sit on her back and grab handfuls of hair.

I came out of the bathroom with a cleansing face mask on and she cried!  She was so unsure about it, she tried really hard not to cry but her bottom lip kept poking out and then finally big fat tears!

Some days I just don't want to brush my hair, or my kid's hair.  Three heads of hair to do each day os too many.

At least they still look cute.

Lennox has been in love with baby dolls lately. She stares right into their eyes, softly touches their hair and grins her little heart out at them.

I wanted them to lay down and relax, I was so tired.  This lasted only about 3 minutes.

I ran downstairs really quick to make Lennox a bottle and came back to see that Harlow had brought Lennox and book so they both could read.

She was so sleepy, but man can she fight sleep!

Their size difference in closing pretty quickly.

Harlow is loving her big kid gymnastics class. She is the smallest and most cautious in her class. But compared to what she was doing and now, the difference is HUGE. She may not seem brave to others but to me she has been so much more brave.

She showed me her arabesque and first position. I think she is missing her dance class.

Free balloon from Old Navy, I think it kept me more entertained by the static it was creating to Lennox and Harlow's hair.

She wakes up with some pretty awesome bedhead.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

6:45 a.m. wake up call, even on Father's Day. Don't these kids know how to sleep in?

I sat in the backseat to feed Lennox, when she was done they both wanted to hold my hand.

Harlow loves to give her little sister pony rides on her back.

A treat for Harlow in the background while little sister has some tummy time.

I love her cheeks so much!

She has started sitting up without using her hands to support herself. Still wobbly and can't be left alone like this but she is getting so much better!

Harlow at her gymnastics class at Sharp's Gymnastics.

The world's most annoying toy but she literally freaked when I took it away from her at the store, so i bought it! And I hate it. But it keeps her so quiet and happy.

Matching unicorn PJ's.

Harlow's gymnastics coach invited her to try a more advanced class. She did great and we switched her immediately. This class is a lot less babyish and geared more towards actual gymnastics.

Practicing sitting up.

Her baby cheeks are amazing!

Harlow WANTED to hold Lennox!

Lennox has been getting up at 5-5:50 a.m. this whole week. I am so ridiculously exhausted. Five and a half hours of sleep a night is not enough for me!

She finally ate baby food willingly. After 6 long weeks of having her spit it back out at me this is a huge breakthrough! She ate pears and enjoyed it!

Her face when I cheered when she was all done eating. I think she was pretty pleased too.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Indianapolis Children's Museum

On Father's Day we took a trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  It was actually one of the nicer ones we have ever been to.  Though I do wish more of it was geared towards Harlow's age.  I think in another year she would have gotten a little more from it but she did have a ton of fun.  We all had a lot of fun actually.  And can you guess what her favorite part was?  The carousel of course!  Mother like daughter...

She told me she was scared of the dinosaurs. And didn't want to walk through the whole display.

But she did pretend to sit on a dinosaur egg and wait for it to hatch.

She even tried her hand at discovering some fossils.

This was a huge glass sculpture that was as tall as the 3 story building.

Learning about mining.

Hanging out in Egypt.

This girl was so sleepy the whole time we were there. But she stayed awake until the last 20 or so minutes. She just missed the carousel ride :(

Of course we had to test out the race car, we are in Indianapolis and all.

Just taping the 5 o'clock news.


She told me she rode 'Pokey Bottom'. She has a miniature horse at home named Pokey Bottom who has polka dots just like this horse.

She'll ride the carousel but then flip out on you if you try to insert money to turn these rides on.