Thursday, August 25, 2011

St. George, Ut - Pit Stop to Home

The summer is over! Phew! I thought the end would never come. (soon enough at least) But, that doesn't mean that Pete is done working. He still has 2 months left of full time extended program. Which in my terms, means, working overtime. But we get to do it at home. Which makes it nice for me and Harlow. We get to see our family and friends and sleep in our own beds and do everything familiar.

On our 18 hour drive home (more like 20 hrs after all of our stops) we stopped in St. George, Ut. St. George is about 10 hours into our drive home. We stopped to stay a few days so we could visit Pete's family. We don't get to see them enough and we wanted Harlow to get to spend some quality time with Grandpa Brent and Grammy Rhonda. When we arrived that night in Utah, Harlow was spent. She was more than done with the 10 hour drive. As soon as we pulled her out of the car and she caught sight of Grandpa she freaked and was crying into my leg. But after we gave her about 10 minutes to warm up to them she was good to go. The next few days were smooth sailing of hanging out with Grandpa and Grammy. She loved all of the attention they gave her. Funny how the love of a grandparent is received differently than the love of a parent.

Grandpa Brent has some of his own horses and we have been telling Harlow about them. When we shared this with Grandpa we learned that he had taken his horses to the ranch. Oops. Sadly we didn't have time to take a trip out to the ranch this trip to Utah. But Grandpa doesn't disappoint, he took us all to the Cox Family Farm instead. Harlow didn't know the difference and she had a ton of fun checking out all of the animals. She particularly excited because we have been practicing her animal names and sounds.

Grandpa Brent feeding the horses.

I don't think she was too excited about the actual size of a horse, she was a little scared at first.

Then Grandpa showed her the chickens.

And then the cows. She loves to say, "Cows, Moooo".

Daddy and Harlow petting the horse.

Grandpa let her sit on one.

And she got to pet the colt.

Harlow, Grandpa Brent and Grammy.

Check out her rosy little cheeks. It was a pretty hot morning.

St. George Splash Park

On our way home from Colorado we took a break in our road trip to spend some time in St. George, Ut. While we were there Grandpa Brent and Grammy Rhonda showed us a really fun splash park. It was seriously cute. It had a little miniature creek running through it and had rock waterfalls and rocks to climb on. As well as a splash pad. I'm sure this is every little kids dream. I wish the one in Fresno was more like this. It was a really hot day and we didn't plan on stopping at the splash park (which is why Harlow looks like an orphan child in her diaper) but so glad we did. This was on a Sunday (in Utah) which meant the park was pretty empty except for a few other families. Rhonda said it's usually packed.

Daddy, Harlow and Grandpa Brent exploring the creek.

Daddy wasn't paying attention to her dress and she got really wet.

So we just took it off :)

This waterfall was her favorite part.

Grandpa and Harlow taking a little break.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

iPhone Picture Update

The "summer" in Colorado is coming to a close. On Saturday we will be heading HOME! But of course, not without a stop in St. George, Ut to visit Pete's family. So before we say goodbye to Colorado (hopefully for good) here is a quick update of the small stuff that I capture with my iPhone.

Harlow spending a morning at the park. This is usually a weekly stop for us.

Doesn't she look like a baby model?!

Harlow loves Buddha. I don't know if that's the right word. She is almost obsessed with him. She talks to him and hangs out with him like he's her friend.

IKEA opened up nearby and we made a stop to check it out. We came home with this contraption for only $8. She calls it her house.

We also got a bunch of toys made of felt. She got a bunch of different foods for pretend as well as this tool belt. It's so big on her that I have to tie it on her. She always drags it over to me and says "hep", which means "help" in Harlow talk.

My allergies have been all over the place this summer and I think it has a lot to do with the migraines I have been getting. I can never stomach the thought of food when I have a migraine, or the day after either, so I go to Jamba Juice to keep me going. I found out that Harlow also likes Jamba. She drank almost half of mine one day. The next time we went, I has them pour some into a cup for her. She was in love.

Another successful sunny day at the splash park.

Summer popsicles.


I always say the day has been a success when I can wear her out. This rarely happens.

She fell asleep in the car one morning and I looked back and she had fallen asleep with her book open.

This last weekend, on Sunday, we went to Dave and Busters with Zach and Katie. Harlow was in awe of all the people, lights, noise and games. She left with a Disney Princess ball that she got with her tickets.

Hopefully the next time I post, I'll be back home in Fresno!

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