Friday, March 26, 2010

39 week update... well almost 40 weeks

39 Week Update/40 Week Update:

-tomorrow I will actually be 40 weeks but better late than never.
- i had my last Dr. appointment on Wednesday morning.
- i am still dialated 1-1/2 cm
- thats the exact same as last week
- and am about 80% thinned
- thats not much more than last week
- i really thought that i would have a baby at home by now
- i am getting really impatient
-tomorrow is my due date.
- and there are no signs on contractions
- as long as she is here by the 31st, i'll be fine
- if shes much later than that, my family and friends coming into town will miss her
- come on baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- only 1 day left!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Birthday and 38 Week Update

My 26th Birthday was yesterday. I hadnt planned on doing anything, i'm too tired and too pregnant. haha. I did wake up early though and went to get a mani and pedi with my friend Terra. Pete even came for a little bit just to hang out. I tried to talk him into getting a pedicure too but no luck. Dont let that fool you though, he's had one before and loved it. I cant decide if I like the pedicure or the massage chair more. haha. Afterwards, I went to get my eyebrows done. Now I feel completely beautified and ready for baby to come. Then we went to lunch and made a pit stop at Nordstroms Rack, not that I fit into any cute clothes but I did get a pair of sunglasses and a really cute dress in my before pregnancy size (which i'll use for motivation to get back down to my regular size).

I still had to work that afternoon until 8pm. When I got in the car to drive home, I called pete like I always do. He seemed a little too calm and he said he had been pretty busy meeting with some guy about work which seemed weird becuase that doesnt take 4 hours, more like an hour tops. He asked me what I wanted for dinner and he kept suggesting things he could make at home and he never wants to cook. So I tried to get him to order sushi (all cooked, so sad.) and when I got off the phone with him, I was under the impression that he was calling in an order. But when I walked into the house, I walked right in to a surprise party thrown by my family. SURPRISE! is right, it actually scared me for a second. We had some good food and GREAT cupcakes. had a little present time and hung out for awhile. It was a good birthday by far. They have gotten me with a surprise party 2 years in a row. they are good! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND FOR MAKING MY BIRTHDAY SO SPECIAL! 26 should be a great year.

- my ankles and feet have started to swell, this is not so cute.
- I have gained 30 pounds, yikes!
- I think I felt my first contraction yesterday but it went so fast that I knew it couldnt really mean much. And I was right, it hasnt happened again since.
- my back hurts so bad that I am *miserable* at night time.
- I havent been sleeping much either.
- I lay awake last night from 3am - 6:30am watching Full House
- I went to the Dr. this morning and when she checked me she said that I was 1-1/2 cm dialated and 75% thinned, so her best guess was this weekend by the earliest.
- that sounds good to me!
- Only 10 days to go!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i havent updated in awhile and its not because i've been too busy, its because i've been too lazy. it feels like i have ZERO energy these days.

I'm 37 WEEKS!:
- Yikes!
- i've gained 29 pounds (yuck!)
- we have found a pediatrician
- pre-registered at the hospital
- taken birthing classes
- and toured the hospital
- now i feel like i know too much, it makes me more anxious than i already was.
- Break the Barriers threw us a baby shower, i had so much fun and it was awesome to see all the kids i coach and their parents having fun too.  they were so generous.  she is already spoiled!
- i'm considered full term now, so if she was born any time now, her little lungs are good to go!
- i'm done being pregnant, if that makes sense
- i think each week i get bigger, i officially have nothing to wear.
- i wear the same 3 shirts and jeans every day, but i only have 3 weeks left, pointless to buy maternity clothes now.
- i had a check-up with the doctor today, everything is going fine and is still on schedule.
- we did another 3D/4D ultra sound a little after Valentines Day, she looks like a real baby now!
- and she has hair!  woowhoo!
- i cant remember the last time i had a restfull nights sleep, its more like mini naps all night long. i'm sleep deprived before the baby is even here!