Thursday, September 17, 2009


The secret is finally out!  Pete and I have known since i was 5 weeks pregnant but we've kept this secret to ourselves for the last 7 weeks.  I was terrified that i would miscarry and be devastated.  This week i am 12 weeks pregnant, we have already gotten to see an ultrasound and hear the baby's heartbeat.  it was amazing looking at the ultrasound for the first time.  i still cant believe that something that small can make me so sick!  

pregnancy and i have not gotten along.  I know its different for everyone but i sure am jealous of those who say they never got sick.  lucky, lucky you!  

telling our family was exciting.  we went camping with pete's mom, brother, our sister-in-law, his step-dad and stepsister and sister.  i was scared that i would get sick while we were there and wouldnt know what to tell them if they asked why i was sick.  so we came up with a plan to suprise them with the good news.  We missed Lori's (pete's mom) birthday because pete was still working in Virginia for the summer.  so we told her that we were late getting to the camp site because we were getting her present together.  we were really going into the doctor for our first ultrasound.  when we left the doctors office with the ultra sound we decided we would get her a mini photo album for her birthday.  we put the most random pictures we could find in our house in it.   pictures of all of our animals, wedding pictures, pictures of pete in mexico... and the last picture was the ultra sound.  we gave it to her around the camp fire on our first night camping.  i think i held my breath the whole time she was going through the pictures.  when she finally came to the ultra sound she stopped and screamed and jumped out of her chair!  it was an awesome reaction that we were hoping for :)  

When we got back from camping we got cleaned up and headed over to my parents house.  i told my mom i was going to bring my digital camera so she could see all my pictures from Virginia.  The last picture i took was a picture of the ultra sound with the words "SUPRISE OJICHAN AND OBACHAN" which means grandma and grandpa in japanese.  When they finally got the the last picture it got really quiet and they looked completely confused.  they were like is that for us?  ojichan and obachan is that us?  finally we said yes!  and finally my mom was like, you're pregnant!  

i dont think either of our parents were expecting it.  we always joke with them that we werent going to have kids for a loooooong time.  but suprise!  we are so excited!  pete swears up and down that its going to be a boy but i really feel like its going to be a girl.  (i think its just my wishful thinking for a gymnast and cheerleader like me ) :)  but either way we will be thrilled!  i've been told i cant really find out the sex of the baby until 17 weeks so we'll just have to wait it out for another 5 weeks.  oh the agony!  

when i figure out how to get my pictures uploaded from the Mac i'll post the ultra sound pic.