Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Life has been a little crazy over here lately! So, I'm a day late with the Friday Phone Dump.

Harlow has 2 real live dogs of her own but she can't get enough of this fake one at Old Navy. Please tell me other people's kids do the same thing...

Cheetah Girl.

Her newest trick is putting her feet in her mouth.

Daddy was working out of town and I wanted to send him a picture of his two girls. This was the best I got. Harlow is clearly watching cartoons on TV.

I love looking to the back seat of the car and seeing this. My partner in crime.

Lennox has discovered herself in my full length mirror.

Matching PJ's always make my heart happy!

Found this quote and thought it was perfectly said.

Right out of the bath tub.

Lennox got to go swimming again.  She is relaxed and happy in the water. Just like her sister.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Growing, this has been weighing on my thoughts this week.  I keep looking at Harlow and Lennox and I swear they look older each time.  I know I'll look back one day remember these moments and wished they had lasted longer. Love them both more than my heart can hold!

Sweet and Sassy.

Chocolate cupcake anyone?

Harlow and Lennox in the same outfit.

Sidewalk chalk fun.

Dad's kind of fun. Jumping over Harlow...

Harlow is in love with this little house at Costco! Me too! Can't wait to get one for the new house!

Squish face!

We are gonna need a bigger rocking chair.

Harlow had her 3 year old check up. She is 26.5 lbs and 2 feet 11.5 inches tall.

I had to force Harlow to hold Lennox but she was so proud of herself afterwards.

SOLD! and so it begins!

She is getting so much better at writing her name.

My 6 a.m. wake up call.

I suppose this is a great way to start my day, I just wish it didn't happen at 6 a.m.

4 months ago she fit in my stomach and now she is getting so freaking big!

A Morning At The Zoo

On Tuesday morning we made a trip to the zoo.  We needed to put some use to our zoo passes. The last time we went we didn't get to see everything so this time around we made sure to stop and see everything we missed the last time.  We saw the Reptile House (ick!), Sting Ray Bay, the birds and so much more.  Harlow had so much fun and unlike last time, Lennox was awake for the whole thing!

Outside the Reptile House.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

St. George Trip

We had a very short trip to Utah but tried to pack in as much as possible.  One of the days we all went to visit Amelia's horse, Sparkle.  Grandpa Brent takes care of Sparkle as well as some other animals.  We got to visit and feed a lot of them.  Pete also took Harlow out on a ride in Grandpa Brent's Rhino which she loved!  She said she wasn't scared but her stuffed zebra was. ;) And on our last day we went to visit Grandpa Brent at his new fire station.  We had so much fun and can't wait to go back!

Mini horses :)

Amelia's horse, Sparkle.

Grandpa Brent let them feed the pigs.  The babies pigs were too cute!

Harlow feeding a horse some celery.

Daddy and Harlow getting ready for their Rhino ride.

Lennox at the fire station.

Just hanging out with Grandpa at his new fire station.

Grandpa Brent and his grand kids.