Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Signs of Growing Up

As soon as we got back from Texas we changed Harlow's crib into a full size bed. Her "Big Girl Bed" as she calls it.  We are currently in the process of redecorating her new PINK bedroom.
With baby #2 on the way it's time to potty train! This mama doesn't want two babies in diapers!
Finally her first teeny tiny ponytail. It only took 2 and a half years!
Harlow loving on her baby sister.
Mother like daughter, it was about time Harlow got her own Fresno State cheer leading uniform.
All dressed and ready to go to her first day of dance class.
Mother like daughter again, we signed Harlow up for gymnastics at Break the Barriers!!!!!
First step to redecorating her room, paint it all pink!
Loving her new ballet shoes.

4 Year Anniversary


While we were in Texas, Pete and I, celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  And lucky for us, my parents were in Texas visiting us. Which meant that for the first time since our first anniversary, we actually had a babysitter!  We spent the day hanging out with my parents and that night Pete and I got to go into downtown Dallas to have dinner, BY OURSELVES! Pete heard about a really nice restaurant at the top of this building that overlooked Dallas.  The restaurant actually rotated 360 degrees as you sat and ate your dinner so that you could see the entire Dallas skyline.  It was beautiful and we got to watch the sun set.  The restaurant is famous for being a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.  The food was so good! If you're ever in Dallas, it is something I recommend doing.

Traveling Home From Texas

Day #3: In St. George, Ut for the day. Harlow fed grandpa and grammy's bunny. Grandpa caught it so she could pet it. We visited a fun mexican restaurant. And of course made a stop at grandpa's firehouse.
Day #2: coloring and practicing how to write an H for Harlow. Arriving in Arizona.  Nothing much to see except for lots and lots of open land. Daddy tooted and Harlow learned how to plug her nose :) Arriving in Utah where we stopped to spend the next day with Grandpa Brent.
Day #1: car packed up, uhaul trailer packed and hitched to the car, daddy got pulled over for speeding and having non-working tail lights, luckily no ticket. some stormy weather, glitch in the trip. we had to stop and wait for our uhaul trailer to get a tire changed.  We got to visit this HUGE horse trailer while we waited at the gas station. Arriving in New Mexico where we stopped to spend the night.
Day #4: We arrived in Nevada. And then sunny California! Windmills for days. And golden hills all around.  And finally, home, in Harlan Ranch!!! We made it!

These are just some pictures of our 4 day trip, Texas to California. I was so excited to pack up and leave Texas that I started packing almost 2 weeks in advance.  Being away from home every summer always makes me appreciate our home so much more.  I love coming home to our house! I have no idea how to switch the order of these pictures so they are all mixed up. We made one stop in Utah to hang out with Harlow's Grandpa Brent for a day.  I'm so glad we decided to do this, traveling such a long distance with a 2 year old is HARD! It was nice to break it up and get out of the car.