Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPhone Update

Wow! I need to do these more often, my phone is so full of pictures from the last iPhone Update. And some of them are even from when we were still in Colorado. Here is a catch up in fast forward!

Right before we left Colorado, we drove around and checked out the neighborhoods and houses to compare them to home. In the process we found a new park to play at. We love a good park!
Harlow is turning out to be a big basketball fan. Ask her, every ball is called a basketball, even a football.
I found out that Harlow loves watermelon.
All set for the drive home, Finding Nemo playing on the iPad.
I have been itching to decorate all summer long, but haven't had the chance (obviously). As soon as we got home, I did a little change up.
Nick and Brianna bought a house and were in the process of remodeling a bathroom. Here is Nick and Pete taped into the bathroom to keep the dust from escaping.
And this is what I saw when we opened the door a crack.
Being back home means we get to see our family, Harlow swimming at my mom and dad's house.

And she loved it so much, I blew up her mini pool (and probably one of my lungs) so she could go swimming in the backyard.
We go for walks around the neighborhood when it's not too hot outside.
Our we check out some good finds at Home Goods... in our sunglasses.
I found out Harlow loves chocolate pudding.
For the last year I've been saying I was going to make Harlow her own map to mark all the places she's been. When we got home it was one of the first projects I did.
Like I said, we like parks. One of the parks in Harlan Ranch by our house.
Her first leotard!
Gus Gus so desperate for a belly rub that she let Harlow hold her.

I hate to cook, but I like to bake. Cake Pops for Dev and Aiko's wedding shower.
Harlow loves her princesses.
This is what they do when we go shopping. Reverse camera on the iPhone at Urban Outfitters and trying on hats.
I've also been making a lot of diaper wipe cases. Man, there are a lot of people having babies!! But this brown one is for Harlow's diaper bag.

I went to the bathroom, and came out 30 seconds later to find that Harlow had all of her princesses perfectly spaced out in a straight line on the coffee table.
Riding the train to Hanford for Jessi's birthday surprise.
Aunt Jessi, Cousin Amelia and Harlow on the train.
Andrea came home for a visit and stopped by to see Harlow at her gym class.
Thanks to Jiichan and Baachan for the Under Armour shorts, they go perfectly with her leotard.

Andrea took some pictures from Harlow's class.

Whew! Until next time!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jessi!

On Sunday Jessi turned 11 years old! I remember when I first met her, she was barely 4 years old! So crazy how fast time flies and how much things change. I'm glad to be able to see her grow up from toddler, to kid, to pre-teen. I can't wait to see what she will be like as a real teenager. We are so lucky to have Jessi in our family. Harlow loves Jessi and always asks about her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSI KLATT! We love you!

For Jessi's birthday, Lori, had an idea to surprise her. So she booked us all tickets to ride the train from Fresno to Hanford to eat dinner and ice cream at Superior Dairy. When we got to their house in the afternoon, Jessi was blindfolded and put in the car. She didn't get to take off her blindfold until we got to the train station and were standing in front of the train tracks. We had all already put on party hats. When she took off her blindfold we sang her happy birthday and then boarded the train to Hanford. Superior Dairy isn't far from the train station so we walked over. Superior Dairy has some of the BEST ice cream. It was a well worth it trip.

Amelia in her party hat on the train to Hanford.

The birthday girl.

Harlow and Jessi on the train.

Brianna and Amelia.

Aunt Jessi and Harlow and Amelia.

Jessi in front of the train in Hanford.

Amelia on Nicks shoulders, walking to Superior Dairy.

Papa Rick and Harlow.

On Papa's shoulders.

Pete carried Jessi the whole way.

Almost there...

Stopping to look for mom.

Papa and Grandma with Harlow.

We're here!!!

Who needs birthday cake when you can have a birthday malt, with candles!

Blowing our her candles.

Nick and Pete ordered the S.O.S. It was HUGE!

Harlow got to eat a ton of ice cream.

On our way back to the train to head home.