Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tumbling Baby!

For the last two Wednesdays, Harlow has been taking a baby gym class instead of swimming. We wanted her to be able to learn a little more coordination and become braver and more independent in her mobility. Swimming has been great for Harlow and she will definitely be back at it but before we leave for the summer, we didn't want her to miss out on some gym classes as well. Thanks to Grandma Lori! Her first class was last week and it started off with some tears which was to be expected. She went through a tunnel, obstacle course, bounced on the trampoline and climed stairs by herself. All of these things I didn't know she could do! She really surprised us! This weeks class went even better. As you can see in the pictures below.
Harlow and Daddy at the beginning of class.

Saying Hi to Cousin Amelia.

bouncing on the trampoline

Finding shapes in the foam pit

Cousin Amelia dressed for her dance class.

bouncing baby :) She tries so hard to get her little legs to jump, its pretty cute to watch.

crawling on the balance beam, which she did NOT want to do.

climbing up the stairs.

and over the ladder runges.

this time crawling on the balance beam with a little incentive. toys!

just hanging around on the monkey bars.

playing peek-a-boo in the mirror.


mmmm, soap!

And getting her ribbon for going on the "pier" (trampoline).

Saturday, March 26, 2011

1, 2, 3, Won't You Rock With Me

When Harlow is over at my Mom and Dad's house she likes to sit in one of their arm chairs in the living room.

And now she thinks that the rocking chair in our bedroom is no different. She crawls over to it and pulls herself up and will sit there pointing at it and pounding on it until you put her in.

She likes to sit and watch cartoons from there sometimes too.

It must be nice to be the baby. Watching cartoons in your PJ's while mom and dad run around getting ready for the day.

Time Line of the Last Year

I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Just because, take a look at her over the last 11 (almost 12) months and see how much she has grown and changed!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Harlow can say "doggy"! She has been able to say "dog" for awhile but recently she has changed it up to "doggy". And when she says it, it's clear as day! She actually has said "Buddha" too but she refuses to do it on camera!

YouTube Video

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Please and... We're Working on Thank You

I've been trying to teach Harlow a few signs for awhile. She can sign "milk" in the morning for her bottle and then yesterday she finally picked up "please". We're working on "thank you" and "more" and "food". Oh! And "love" of course!

YouTube Video

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Giving Buddha Kisses

I haven't had much to post lately except for videos! But seriously every day around here is new and different lately. Not only is Harlow growing like a weed but she is getting smarter by the minute. I feel like every day this week she has learned something new. In this video she not only knows who Buddha is but also can tell you where her head is (and nose too, just not on the video). She understands, "look at Ma Ma" and when she is told "ah ah ah" when she is being naughty. I can't get over how much she is learning!

YouTube Video

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Go baby, go!

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Give Harlow Kisses

YouTube Video

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iPhone Phun

We had our downstairs bathroom repainted a few weeks ago by Pete's friend Jimbo who also did our whole house minus bedrooms and bathrooms. He does a great job.

Here is the first coat of paint.

And then the 2nd coat with horizontal stripes. My little heart swoons when I look at this bathroom now. Psst! It use to be a mustard yellow. We painted it a year ago and I never had the heart to tell Pete that I really didn't like it after he finished. But now! It's AMAZING!

Amelia and Harlow playing catch before swim lessons last week.

Harlow trying out some goggles for swim class.

Amelia and Harlow playing at our house.

Sporting some baby Ray Ban sunglasses.

Getting ready for the Easter bunny!

Wish I could take back that purchase! Now she gets very fussy if I am not wearing them while she eats or she's not wearing them while she eats. Whatever works I guess...

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