Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Harlow Want a Cookie?

I found some Arrowroot cookies in the baby isle at Target last week and figured I'd buy them and see how much Harlow liked them. She is really into feeding herself these days. (BUT not feeding herself a bottle. She just won't hold her own bottle and feed herself! It drives me nuts!)
I had no idea they would be such a hit!
She sits so quietly in her highchair while she gnaws on that thing.
I can get a lot done in the kitchen while she munches on one.
She usually gets one after lunch.
She gets pretty mad when you try to take it away from her...
I picked it out of her hand yesterday so I could wipe her hands off and she grabbed it back from me and whacked my hand with it.
Mom learned her lesson.

I don't mind her having a cookie after she eats her lunch but I really wish they weren't so darn messy! The cookie mush that is left over after she is through slobbering all over it gets all over everything!

So sweet, she is offering me her cookie in this picture above and below. But, no thank you baby, I'll pass on that slobbery cookie.

Does anyone else realize that she will be 1 years old in like a month?!
I'm not ready for her to be a year old!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love from the Smallest Hafen

Harlow's first Valentine's Day was pretty fun.
I took a little trip to Bows or Knot to pick up Harlow a few things. (few is not an exact word, unless we're talking to Pete about this...)
We gave Daddy his present from us.
And Pete got me just what I wanted. More supplies to make smores in the microwave at night :)
And a VS gift card.
We went out to lunch at Wassabi.
And just hung out at home and relaxed.
yes, Pete stayed home from work, I was shocked too!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A short video of Harlow's new trick. Clapping!

YouTube Video

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iPhone update!

I have a ton of pictures on my phone that I haven't posted yet.

Here's a quick update on what I catch with the camera on my iPhone.

Harlow playing with her dollhouse.

Grandma B, Pete, Harlow & I getting a sneak peak of Grandma Lori and Papa Rick's soon to be new house.

Harlow's hair is getting longer (finally). Proof! We got a bow to stay in without a headband.

More proof that she stands up on everything. She looks so tall in this picture!

A little afternoon snack. Eating it all by herself without mama's help :(

She uncovered Gus Gus sleeping under the bed covers. I don't know why (or how) it ended up with Gus in her lap. That is a first!

My weekend project, redid a picture frame and make a chalkboard backing. I had other plans for this frame but changed my mind at the very last second and I'm glad I did.

All of my children on Tuesday morning. From smallest to biggest baby.

Today we purchased her first pair of flip flops! They are so cute! She hates them, haha. She wouldn't put her feet down on the floor when I tried to stand her up. She kept trying to kick them off.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Months Old!

I {REALLY} wish that Harlow could stay this age forever.
She is so much fun right now.
And such an independent little person.
I love seeing her figure out new things.
And I love her personality.

10 Months has brought a couple of changes:

She stands up ALL THE TIME!

She learned how to clap her hands together.

She claps when you say "yeahhhhh!"

When you ask her how old she is going to be, she (sometimes) holds up one finger. we are working on it. Gotta be ready for her first birthday :)

She has started trying to eat what we are eating.

She is a pretty picky eater. She doesn't like carrots, green beans, peas or any meat. But yesterday all of those were in a stew my mom made. I threw some in the blender and she ate a ton of it.

She tries to put her arms through her sleeves herself when getting dressed.

She is a giggle monster these days. She has always been a hard baby to get to laugh but lately she laughs all the way from her belly.

She can roll a ball back and forth between herself and someone else.

She understands when she has done something wrong. We get a quick reaction when we say "uh, oh!"

She has thrown a couple of mini tantrums when something is taken away from her.

She can turn the pages of her board books.

She walks with her walker toy, and is getting better.

She now gives open mouth kisses on the lips (cute but a little gross).

She can point at something she wants. Like her bottle in the morning.

For awhile, I was sad she wasn't a cuddler. But now she cuddles all the time! It's my favorite. :)

2 more months and our little one is going to be 1 years old. It's crazy how fast time has gone by. Her birthday is under works right now. I can't wait to see her face.

Harlow Emi, you are my greatest gift. I LOVE YOU!

Little Fishie

I haven't taken many pictures of Harlow swimming recently. I've just been enjoying my time sitting back and watching her swim with Daddy. It's pretty sweet to watch. We have been pretty bad about going every week though... Harlow would probably be much more comfortable in the water if we made sure to go every week. We try, I promise, but with Pete working on Saturdays (and some Wednesdays) we sometimes only have Wednesdays to do things together as a family. Hopefully we'll get better at making it a priority.