Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dear Harlow,

Dear Harlow,

Tomorrow morning you are going to be a BIG sister!  I am so excited for you to have a sister.  I grew up always wishing I had one.  You are one lucky little girl.  You'll have a best friend for life.  I can't wait to see you two grow up together, to fight and love one another and to rely on each other.  You are going to be such a great influence on her and I know she will always look up to you.

I won't lie, when your Dad and I first found out that we were having another baby, I was afraid and nervous.  I could only think of how much it would effect YOU and what YOU would think about the new addition and how YOU would weather the changes.  As we got more use to the idea of having two beautiful girls, I became so excited for you to have a sister.  I could picture many years of love, laughter and maybe some fighting and all of that makes me happy.  And I know you will do just fine.   You are everyone's friend, there is not a single person on this earth who doesn't love you.  But your Dad and I will always love you the most.  You are the reason I got to be a mom in the first place.  Without you I wouldn't have learned what it was to really love someone.  I love your Dad, but I love him more because of how much he loves you.  You did that for us. 

I don't ever want you to forget how special you are to me.  For so long (almost 3 years) it's been just you and me as best buds.  You are my sidekick and friend.  We have done everything together so far.  And even with another baby in the house, you're still going to hold that place in my heart.  And your little sister will think the same about you.

When you were born, your rocked our world in a silent earthquake I never saw coming.  I had no idea the impact you would have on me.  I knew I would love you but I never knew I could love someone SO much.  You changed my outlook on life and changed the route I thought my life would take as I grew older.  I never imagined that I would want to be a stay at home  mom.  I prided myself on being a hard worker, who enjoyed her work.  And when you came along, I enjoyed it but felt like I was missing parts of my heart while I was away from you.  If anyone had asked me 10 years ago if I would stay home with my kids after they were born, I never could have imagined saying yes.  But here I am, I get to spend my entire days with you and I feel so blessed and privileged to get to do so.  And even though it is not always easy, it is always good.  SO GOOD!

Tomorrow is a very big day in our family and though I am nervous and afraid at times, I keep telling myself how wonderful it will be to see you two together for the first time.  And for years to come.  I love you Harlow Emi Hafen.  I love you to God and back.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Big Fresno Fair 2012

We took our annual family trip to the fair this past weekend.  Luckily the weather decided to cool down a bit.  Last year the kiddie rides were such a hit with Harlow that we made sure to spend a majority of our time there first.  That way she was happy, not tired or hungry and could enjoy herself.  I think we did almost every ride she could do!  And poor daddy had to do all of them with her, except one.  But that didn't end well. She wanted to ride a boat ride in water but Daddy was too big and she had to ride alone.  Another little boy wanted to ride with her.  She was fine until he started ringing the bell over and over again.  She was not a fan and ended up hunched over crying her eyes out for the rest of the ride.  Such a drama queen! 

We also made sure to take our photo booth picture, stop and see the animals and of course eat some good food.  We had chicken kabobs, a corn dog and ice cream.  Plus a cinnamon roll to go.  I love the fair! 


Going to the Circus!

While we were in Texas this summer we decided to take a trip to the Ringling Bro Circus that was stopping in Dallas.  I haven't been to the Circus in a few years and was pretty entertained.  I actually had a migraine through the whole show (the circus and a migraine are a bad combo) but I wasn't about to miss Harlow's first trip to the circus!  She sat through the entire show and didn't miss a thing.  She loved the tigers and the clowns as well as all the acrobats.   She still asks to go to the circus again.  And we've promised to go back again sometime. 

She loved the tigers so we got her a tiger of her own to take home.
This is actually BEFORE we got to the circus.  She was so excited she wore herself out before we even got there.
All of us in the car headed to the Circus.  She was so excited, can you tell?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Signs of Growing Up

As soon as we got back from Texas we changed Harlow's crib into a full size bed. Her "Big Girl Bed" as she calls it.  We are currently in the process of redecorating her new PINK bedroom.
With baby #2 on the way it's time to potty train! This mama doesn't want two babies in diapers!
Finally her first teeny tiny ponytail. It only took 2 and a half years!
Harlow loving on her baby sister.
Mother like daughter, it was about time Harlow got her own Fresno State cheer leading uniform.
All dressed and ready to go to her first day of dance class.
Mother like daughter again, we signed Harlow up for gymnastics at Break the Barriers!!!!!
First step to redecorating her room, paint it all pink!
Loving her new ballet shoes.

4 Year Anniversary


While we were in Texas, Pete and I, celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  And lucky for us, my parents were in Texas visiting us. Which meant that for the first time since our first anniversary, we actually had a babysitter!  We spent the day hanging out with my parents and that night Pete and I got to go into downtown Dallas to have dinner, BY OURSELVES! Pete heard about a really nice restaurant at the top of this building that overlooked Dallas.  The restaurant actually rotated 360 degrees as you sat and ate your dinner so that you could see the entire Dallas skyline.  It was beautiful and we got to watch the sun set.  The restaurant is famous for being a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.  The food was so good! If you're ever in Dallas, it is something I recommend doing.