Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

This girl loves spaghetti (me too!).

Oh my, she makes the funniest faces.

Every time Mulan comes on she watches the first 5 minutes like this and whispers, "is it still the scary part mom?"

Mother like daughter. She always has her hands in her hair when she's tired. I do the same thing.

Daddy gets home really late from work so he does the "dream feed". Her last feeding of the night.

I'm so sad to admit that these PJ's are too small. I've been squeezing her chubby body into them because I love them so much! 

Don't go to work dad!

Lunch before daddy goes to work. 

Her usual face these days.

California bound! 7 hours of traveling and two flights to get home. A short but much needed visit!

Look who found their way into our bed on our first morning back home. 

Summer!! It hasn't felt like summer in Indiana yet. I'm so happy to put them in summer clothes finally :)

Big sister sharing her four wheeler.

So glad to be home! We got to hang out with the family and play at the splash pad. 

And we have been missing Batter Up Pancakes! Yum! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Doesn't she look well rested? She was only taking an hour long nap and finally, FINALLY, she took a 2 hour nap. I'm exhausted! 


Sweet moments, more like seconds. This was right before Lennox grabbed a fist full of Harlow's hair.

At the Indianapolis Zoo! 

Lennox enjoyed the fish too.

Penguins... I can never look at them the same way since watching Madagascar. 

Lennox watching the dog show.

Harlow LOVED the dog show. 

Seconds before she screamed because the seal swam by and scared her! 

I tried... She thought I was crazy. I wish she loved being in the carrier. I'd like to know that it felt like to have 2 free hands again. 

She was too cute to tell her they were upside down.

I left her alone for 2 minutes and she managed to cover herself in stickers.

Little baby piggy tails are my new favorite!

Sending daddy goodnight pictures whole he was still working. 

First thing in the morning, every morning! 

We watched a family of geese cross a four way intersection and they all made it! 

She played independently for more than 45 minutes. I think that's a first! 

Gus Gus never cuddles with Harlow, she usually runs from her. Harlow was so excited. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Indianapolis Zoo

We have finally done a little exploring in Indianapolis!  When we left Clovis it was 90 degrees and we were wearing shorts, tank tops and sandals.   And then we stepped off the plane in Indianapolis and were back to wearing jeans, jackets and shoes. Boo! It has been raining a lot here too.  We haven't had a lot of outside time lately and were starting to get a little stir crazy.  But we finally had a Sunday where it was 84 degrees (and what felt like 100% humidity) and sunny so we jumped at the chance to go the Indianapolis Zoo.  How it went from 65 and rainy to 84 and sunny in a days time is beyond me.  I can't seem to keep up with the changes. 

The zoo was pretty entertaining.  They had a dog show with trained dogs doing tricks that Harlow LOVED.  Loved is an understatement.  She was clapping along and cheering and dancing. I can never get enough of seeing her reaction to new things that she loves.  Lennox enjoyed herself too and only slept the last 20 minutes we were there.  They had a separate exhibit house right outside of the zoo that was basically a butterfly haven.  You walk through a greenhouse like building and they are just flying around everywhere.  They are all different shapes, sizes and colors.  It was pretty neat to see all of them up close. We were able to see most of the animals but we missed the dolphin show so hopefully we'll get the chance to go back before the summer is over. 

Harlow and Daddy taking a snack break while Mommy fed Lennox.

I'd say Lennox had a good time.

So unlike California, a lady obviously from Indiana actually came over and offered to take a picture of all of us together.  

She doesn't like the birds because of how loud they are.  She even does this at the pet store.

Of course she had to ride the carousel. 

And of course she chose to ride the lion.

She looks so tall in this picture!

Checking out the giraffes. 

They had two baby elephants. To me, this made the trip worth it! They were so cute I just wanted to hug one.

We wore her out and let her walk the entire time.  She even told me after her nap that she was still tired. I'd call that a successful trip.

In the butterfly exhibit.

The humidity wreaks havoc on Lennox's hair.

Can't wait to see what other fun things Indianapolis has to offer!