Friday, July 24, 2009


enjoying a week of sun and fun in Mexico


I'm getting a little homesick and restless. I go back to Fresno on Sunday though... back to the regular grind. gotta pay those bills i guess. I know i've been on a "vacation" visiting pete for the last month but i feel like i need a VACATION, somewhere fun and exciting and different and sunny and not so normal! i want to see something i havent seen before. At least i know for sure that once pete is done working the summer season we are going to Japan and hopefully Hawaii. I CANT WAIT!

i was just day dreaming about our last vacation to mexico. now that something i want to do again and SOON!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Trip to LA to get Robin hitched

This was the only picture we remembered to take. note to self, start taking more pictures.



Pete and I took a break from Virginia and flew out to L.A. for their wedding. it was a nice change from the gross humid weather. i'm glad i was able to be there. i love weddings!

Robin and her dad Gabe

Leaving the church as Mr & Mrs

Robin's family's truck

the get away car

being announced at the reception.

Instead of the normal sit down dinner with waiters bringing you your food, they had an In-N-Out semi-truck serving dinner! Pete was in love with it, and i do have to say it was a great idea and a nice personal touch. why didnt we think of that?

he never dresses up so we had to take a picture to remember this moment.

old roomies

moorman family tradition


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Celebrating One Year of Married Bliss!

This past weekend, Pete and I celebrated one year of marriage. Since we are in Virginia for the summer while Pete works, our choices of vacations was pretty slim. We chose to stay the weekend in Virginia Beach. Pete was in such a good mood, he agreed to stop at a mall and go shopping with me. WoW! Of course part of the reason was because he forgot all his dress clothes at home in California and had nothing to wear to Robin and Brad's wedding that is coming up next weekend. He did more shopping than I did for once.

When we drove into the city the weather was beautiful and sunny. Two hours later after we had checked in, there was a tornado watch and a huge thunder and lightning storm! Pete made the hotel reservations and had some cute surprises, like my favorite champagne and chocolates and rose petals scattered, seriously, everywhere! Very good touch, good job hubby! We went out to dinner right on the water that night. That restaurant had the best crab I've ever had in my life! The next day we did some walking around the boardwalk and then stopped to eat in a sushi bar before heading home. Wish the weather would have cooperated so that the beach would have been enjoyable.

On Monday when we came home we decided to try to go and grab some Thai food, we both love it. But... we got there and it was closed. So we found another option. Before dinner we went through some of our wedding pictures and remembered the day together.

The reception area

Buddha, the best ring bearer

My favorite part of the decor, the altar

me and my daddy, i owe him the world.

entering as Mr. & Mrs.

We got a tunnel, just like the old days of cheering at Fresno State Basketball games.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hafen

the girls, Gus Gus one of the flower girls, and honorary bridesmaid - Alex

All the boys

All the girls.

July 13, 2008

its official!

my best friends yes, but stunt partners for life.

the most beautiful cake that melted, it was 108 degrees that day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Virginia and Washington D.C.

So I've realized that the East Coast is definitely not like home on the West Coast. For one thing, I can't for the life of me, find a Jamba Juice anywhere! I had a migraine the other day and when I woke up from my coma, all I wanted was a Jamba Juice. The closest Nordstroms Rack is like an hour away, I have no idea where to get a hair cut, and i don't just mean a trim, I'm going to chop it all off. And where do people out here shop for jewelry? Oh how I miss Oh La La.


There is one good thing for sure. WHITNEY LIVES IN VIRGINIA! This past weekend Whit drove out to where we are and hung out with me most of Saturday while Pete was working so I wasn't lonely. We explored the greatest outdoor mall in Richmond. And then on Sunday Pete and I drove out towards where Whit lives so that we could all go to Washington D.C. As we were driving into the city we saw the presidents helicopter fly over us. We stopped and walked around the Jefferson Monument, saw the Washington Monument and then stopped to walk around the White House. We were seriously *this* close to seeing the president. As we were walking around the White House, the presidents motorcade drove by with sirens blaring and all. It was great!

Pete doesn't get home from work until about 9:30p.m. I must be getting pretty bored in the evening because, I've found myself cooking dinner. Actually cooking! I DON'T cook... Ever! I've cooked dinner the last 2 nights in a row, and again tonight and tonight I even went as far as to make a strawberry pie! who the freak am I?