Saturday, November 23, 2013

Disney on Ice

Harlow and I got to go on a special date, just the two of us. We went to Disney on Ice!  Well actually we went with Terra and Rachel.  Terra got free tickets to the show and was nice enough to offer them to us to tag along with her! I don't know who was more excited, me or Harlow. Or Terra... haha! We had so much fun and Harlow was in awe of the whole thing which always does my heart good.  I hope she never looses that look of wonder and awe. 

Since it was the day before Halloween, I put Harlow in last years Halloween costume and even added a nose and whiskers to her face. She loved being Minnie Mouse and kept saying that she and Minnie Mouse matched.

We are a big Disney loving family around her and her excited little voice when she saw a character she knew and loved was icing on the cake to the whole experience. Thank you Terra for taking us!

11 Months Old - Lennox Mae

I know, I'm posting these and she is almost 12 months old. Life got busy but these really were taken right when she turned 11 months old!

This month Lennox's personality has exploded! She is a little comedian these days, she likes to mimic funny faces and sounds and then will laugh at herself and you.  She is so playful and funny. And a little wild. Which has been keeping us on our toes.  She is getting braver and stronger and faster. She crawls in super speed these days and has no problem pulling up and cruising around furniture.  She is pretty much unstoppable.  I am constantly moving her, redirecting her attention or having to put things out of her reach. Life is a constant clean up these days. She can get into everything! And she actually climbed up some stairs which just about stopped by heart from beating. Good thing our new house won't have any!

The sweetest thing she has been doing lately is leaning in for kisses when you ask her for a "kiss kiss". You never know where your kiss will land on her face but it is still so sweet, and a little slobbery...

She has learned some animals sounds that are probably the cutest thing you'll see in your lifetime. She can make monkey sounds and roar like a lion and she is pretty pleased with herself when she does it. She can also say "owe" which she usually does when she pulls MY hair! She can say "doggy" and "kitty" very clearly now. Her little voice is just the sweetest. But my goodness, for all the sounds and words she can say it still drives me crazy that she can't or won't say "mama!"

She has gotten so much better at walking with her walker. She cruises up and down the halls and gets pretty upset/loud if she gets stuck or if you try to put it away. She is just so independent, she wants to walk SO bad! I'm not encouraging it too much just yet. We won't know how to contain her once she starts walking. And I bet with her personality she won't learn to walk, she'll learn to run!

She finally has two teeth. They have both fully popped out and have changed her smile so much. She has the goofiest, scrunched up, squint-y eyed smile that I love so much! I always tell Pete that she looks like Tommy Boy and she really does. Her chubby cheeks and cheesy smile are a dead ringer!

Lennox Mae, your mama needs you to slow down. These days you seem to go, go, go! And I just want to be able to rock you like a baby in my arms. I'm just not ready for you to grow up so quickly. You are such a special girl and so different than your sister that it throws me for a loop and makes me feel like a first time mama all over again. I hope you realize that you have changed our world and we couldn't imagine it to be any better. We love you Lenny Mae!


 ^^ Making her monkey sounds and face ^^

 ^^ Making her lion noises and face ^^

 ^^ She loves to rub and pat her tummy ^^

 ^^ Doing her Ta-Da! ^^

Delicious Chub!

I just can't help squeezing her little body every time I see her delicious chub! She is just the cutest thing and all of her added rolls give us more to love. These pictures show how chubby she is but in reality she has actually slimmed down a little since she started crawling.  I had to capture it so I never forget.

^^ Check out her skinny big sister in the background ^^

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Break the Barriers Gymnastics for Harlow

I haven't taken many pictures of Harlow at gymnastics now that she is no longer in a mommy and me class. She is loving her gymnastics class.  She is still the smallest and probably the most timid in her class but she has so much fun. And I guess it will spare me a few broken bones in her lifetime. She won't be jumping off the fridge any time soon. Lennox on the other hand, just might be that child.

Harlow also loves her coaches. And the friends she is making in class. Just this last week she came out of class holding a little girls hand and she even made it a point to go and hug her goodbye. Probably the sweetest thing I've seen from her in awhile!

Though she is timid she has slowly become braver and more confident in the things she can do which is worth the money we spend on class just in that aspect. I'm not expecting her to be doing back flips any time soon but what she learns from Break the Barriers about herself, the others around her and to be giving, selfless, and kindhearted is enough for me!

Jiichan came to watch!

And Deby got to play with Harlow for a little while. Harlow calls her Grandma Deby!