Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lennox Mae - 9 Months Old

While taking Lennox's 9 month pictures, I immediately had flashbacks of Harlow's 9 month pictures. It was almost an identical experience. Now that she can move, get around, and change positions she has no interest in sitting still long enough to snap a picture that doesn't turn out blurry.  She has more personality than we know what to do with these days too. I can see the next few months of pictures are just going to get harder and harder.

Luckily she hasn't learned how to crawl just yet.  But that doesn't mean she can't get to where she wants to go.  She can hold herself up on her hands and knees, can get in and out of that position on her own and will rock back and forth but she will not budge from that spot.  Well, at least not in that positions.  She has been doing what I like to call the "Invisible Scoot" because clearly she has no problem getting from point A to point B.  Every time I look up she seems to be in a completely different spot.  I suspect that she just scoots on her little bottom but I really can't say for sure. I don't actually see her move she just turns up in a new spot every time!

She is one brave little thing.  She loves to hold onto some one's hands to stand and walk.  She is so determined to walk it is ridiculous. She actually cries when you stop to rest or make her stop altogether. She stood on her own for a few seconds a few weeks ago. I let go of her hands while she was standing with me and she stood by herself and laughed.  It didn't last long but she was so pleased with herself.  She also loves to stand while holding onto furniture.  Sometimes she forgets to hold on and just about gives me a heart attack. 

She loves to eat! She has been eating baby food three times a day. And I thank God almost every day that she isn't too picky. The only food I've found that she doesn't really care for is peaches.  This is the complete opposite of Harlow who will barely eat anything and has always been that way.  She has also been munching on baby rice puffs lately.  She gets pretty aggressive if you don't give them to her fast enough. She has been known to lunge at you with her mouth open and aim for your hand or she will just grab your hand and pull you to her mouth.  She still doesn't have any teeth.  She has one that has been trying to pop through for over a month but still hasn't made a complete appearance.  Eating with her can be a real pain. Oh the yelling that takes place if you don't give her some of what you are eating! Poor thing just doesn't realize she is lactose intolerant.  If you don't give her some of your food, she clenches up her fists, tenses up, shakes and yells until you give her something.

She started taking swim lessons recently. Pete takes her in a parent and child class at Swim America.  She loves it! She never stops smiling when she is in the water.  She loves to splash, play with the pool toys and seems so relaxed when she practices her back float.  I love that my babies are going to grow up being little fish! Unfortunately swim lessons have also resulted in bath time being difficult and... well wet! She thinks she can just splash her little heart out.  Not only do I get drenched in the process but so does Harlow and our entire bathroom!

Her little brain seems to be growing every day.  She has learned some new tricks this past month.  She can officially say "Da da" on command. But she is such a little stinker that if you ask her to say "Ma ma" she will just say "Da da" over and over again.  She can give high fives on command, do "Ta-da's" on command and Harlow taught her to howl like a wolf. My most favorite trick that she learned this past month is when you ask her to say hi she will wave her little arm up and down, almost like she is fanning herself.

Lennox is turning in to such an amazing little girl. I never in my whole life pictures myself with two girls. TWO! There are some days that it still takes me by surprise. Harlow and Lennox have started playing together more and it gives me glimpses of the future. I can't wait to see how they will grow together.  They will have such a great relationship and bond.  Sometimes having two little ones close together in age seems to be a lot of work but I know they'll only be little for a short amount of time and the real benefit will be their relationship they'll have for the many years to come throughout their adult life. I am one lucky mama to have such amazing little girls.

Lennox's fiery personality keeps us on our toes but makes us so excited for the future. She has such a pure innocent joy about her. I hope that never changes. Actually I hope she never grows up! I love this baby more than I knew was possible!

17 lbs. 14 oz.
27 3/4 inches