Friday, January 25, 2013

Feeding the Ducks

Pete has been working out of town a lot lately.  With a 2 year old and a new baby at home it's been a little rough and sometimes I feel like we all just need to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. Pete came back from one of his trips and we decided to go feed the ducks at Woodward Park.  There were so many of them!  It was almost scary at first because they immediately swarm towards you.  Harlow was terrified at first and only wanted to be held and hid her face in Pete's shoulder.  She eventually warmed up and started throwing the bread herself and even named one of the ducks, Waggy. He wagged his tail every time she gave him bread. :)

Baby sister slept through most of the outing.

Friday Phone Dump

Another phone dump!

We attempted our first pigtails (in buns). If only she could sit still long enough. I bribed her with goldfish snacks to get her to sit but next time hopefully it works better.

Harlow was playing one of her favorite games, Lions, and was nice enough to include Lennox while she was sitting in my lap.

Harlow has been on a Lego kick lately. She's always building something.

Chubby cheeks!

Matching Pajamas!

We don't get to cuddle enough these days.  So we sat and watched cartoons together while baby sister took a nap.

Building and measuring. She told me I was 2,000 inches today.

Good morning world!

Lennox' nursery/Playroom
Dresser and changing station.  We are still looking for a mirror to go over the dresser.

Bookshelf with toy storage.
Picture collage, there will be a cross stich of Gus Gus in that empty spot when I get around to finishing it.

Lennox's crib.

One Month Old - Lennox

How is it possible that Lennox has already passed the one month mark? Time always gets the best of me!  It never stops for my lack of time management. For some proof of this, I am actually more than 3 weeks late in posting these!

One Month Stats:
9 lbs. 5 oz.
21 1/2 inch

Lennox is starting to put on some chub and I love it!  She gained a pound and a half in 3 weeks.  She is nursing like a champ and eats literally every 2 hours or less sometimes.  But luckily she is pretty quick.  We have come across some obstacles though.  She is always gassy and uncomfortable.  I have stopped eating any sort of dairy, eggs, soy and caffeine.  Taking those out of my diet has helped a teeny tiny bit.  But nothing so substantial that I can say it's doing much good. I've even stopped eating beans, onions, spicy foods and anything acidic. But still, she is always gassy. We have started giving her infant gas drops which seem to help a little. She also seems to have colic.  Most night she cries for hours at a time and nothing we do or try seems to comfort her. We try to stick to our night time routine as much as we can, give her warm baths, swaddle her, rock her, literally everything.  And some nights it works and some nights she just cries.  It breaks my heart to hear her cry and not be able to comfort her. And I am sad to say, she won't take a pacifier.  So we just have to listen to her cry... But this too shall pass, right? Her pediatrician says she will eventually outgrow it. And that it can last up to 6 months. (6 MONTHS!!) He also told me that it peaks at 2 months of age and I about cried, it gets worse than this?! But even with all these obstacles she is still growing and healthy as can be, go figure! She isn't always unhappy though.  The morning time is probably her most even tempered time and she is very generous with her smiles and cooing sounds.  It makes me want to sit in my PJ's all morning and watch her.  Which I am doing right now actually. 

I still can't believe that I have 2 kids.  It literally hits me sometimes like a ton of bricks.  I'll be feeding Lennox and Harlow will tell me she needs to go potty... Which causes a little dilemma for me, if only I had 3 arms it would be so much easier. Or when we are getting into or out of the car, it is such a process.  I wonder when it will just be the norm for me.  

Lennox loves her big sister, she is very alert when Harlow is close by her.  I love seeing them together and love that Harlow is doing so well adjusting. She has her moments but she's 2 years old so I think some of it can be blamed on that, right? 

Just like we did with Harlow, we decided to take pictures of Lennox through the months.  And with Gus Gus too of course. Here are her one month pictures:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

iPhone Christmas Pictures

These are some of my Christmas/Holiday season pictures documented through my phone. 

I helped Harlow write her first letter to Santa.  She told me what to write and then signed it. (I helped her with the R and the W, the rest was her own writing.

Dropping off her letter to Santa at the mailbox.

Harlow helped by putting the start on top of the tree for the finishing touches.

Christmas tree 2012

Santa Claus was at the Fig Garden shopping center.

Harlow's Christmas cards to the family.

Painting Christmas ornaments/plate at Color Me Mine.

Every year we donate a huge bag of dog food to the SPCA and visit all the animals.  When we got home Harlow asked if we could buy this kitten... No way!

After her dance class we drove by a Christmas tree lot that had a carousel, we decided to stop because we knew just how much she'd love it.

She also got to see the Christmas trees that had "snow" on them and ride a couple other rides too.

Harlow helping me bake Christmas cookies.

Some of the finished product.

Daddy reading Harlow "The Night Before Christmas" on the night before Christmas.

Right after Santa made his delivery.

Aunt Kelsey and Lennox on Christmas morning.

The Hafens Christmas cards 2012, my favorite so far!

The aftermath of Christmas morning at two houses.

  Testing out her scooter from Santa.

Lennox - iPhone Pictures

I have so many pictures on my phone instead of my camera.  Hopefully by putting them here they won't go to waste being hidden on my phone.  Lennox needs to be well documented, just like her sister was in her first few weeks of life.  Here to hoping I can keep up now that there is two of them!

This is what I call 'Milk Coma'.

Our first morning at home and this what was happening.  Lennox crying and Harlow trying to hide from her cries, while eating a banana... Just keeping it real for you :)

Another Milk Coma picture for you.

Cuddling with Daddy.

Harlow and Lennox cuddling with Grandma.

Grandpa Brent and Grammy came to visit to see Lennox for the first time.  Grandpa reading Harlow "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas".

A baby sister's first doctor's appointment.  In matching polka dots and teddy bear hats.

Smiling in her sleep (dreaming about me of course!)

My morning view is my favorite.  Harlow telling Lennox good morning and watching cartoons together.

Such bright big eyes.

Harlow reading a book to her baby sister.

She's Houdini! How did she get that arm out of her swaddle!

My baby picture on the left and Lennox on the right.  I think we might look alike... Don't you think?

My baby picture of the left and Lennox on the right.

Taken while Brianna took some pictures of Lennox.

cuddling with mom.

I was too afraid to move and wake her up.

My usual morning view.

Getting some chunk on her.

Testing out her crib for a second.