Thursday, March 29, 2012

Playing Dress Up

Last week Papa Rick had knee surgery (again) so we had plans to stop by and see him afterwards. Harlow stayed up past her bedtime so she could go see him (and Amelia). We did our regular scheduled dinner, bath, pajamas and books ahead of time. To keep her entertained before we headed over we decided to play dress up. And when it was time to get in the car and head over to Papa and Grandma's house, she refused to take off her tutu and hat. Or put on a pair of shoes. So, I went with it. Jessi caught a few pictures of her playing at their house. I love looking at them, they remind me of her individuality and also reminds me to just let her be a kid, go places in your pajamas and use your imagination. Not everything has to be perfect, she has more fun when it's not anyway.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Ballerina Gymnast

My birthday was last week... Hmmm I don't have much to say about it except that my family and friends sure do know how to show their love. When you're younger it's all about going out and making a day of it and a huge celebration. When you get older and have kids, it's more about how low key and simple can I keep today. No need to shout out, "Hey world I'm turning 28 today!" I mean, maybe when I turned 21 but now as the number creeps higher and higher I secretly want to hide from the day. I feel like it was a huge flying leap from 27 to 28. I feel old. But Harlow keeps me young, especially young at heart. I love watching her experience new things that I remember experiencing. Like gymnastics, and this Calico Critter house and dolls. I had these and loved them!

Harlow got a new leotard and when she came prancing out of her room this morning after Daddy dressed her I about died. She looked so stinkin cute! She kept patting her tummy and saying "Sparkly". And she also says, "Like a ballerina". She loves to dance. But she also loves her gymnastics lessons. I think she gets the two confused. So she is my ballerina-gymnast.

Oi! She looks like a little gymnast baby doll. I love it!

Friday Night Swimming

I forgot about these pictures until I went to upload the pictures I took of Harlow today. So glad I saw these again. Swim America had a Friday night event that was Lion King themed. There was actually a few animals there for the kids to see and learn about. Harlow actually wasn't a fan. Every time the bird squawked she would put her arms up over her face as if to protect herself from the sound. She does the same thing at the pet store too. Guess she's not a bird fan, unless they are from a distance or she's feeding them. Besides animals there was also swimming. We forgot to plan this outing in our schedule so at the last minute Daddy rushed home from work so we could go play.

Amelia's cousin Rubi was visiting so she came to play too. Uncle Nick took them on a ride around the pool.

Practicing her floating with Uncle Nick.

Finding the turtles.

Going for a ride on Daddy's back.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh My Cuteness!

Have I ever mentioned how awesome my sister-in-law, Brianna, is at taking pictures? Well, she is! She is also talented in many other areas too. If you received a cute pink birthday invite, that was all her doing too! A few weeks ago she took some pictures of Harlow for her 2nd birthday party invites. They turned out adorable! I even had one printed that is actually just about life-size. That's how much I love these pictures! Thank you Brianna!

My most favorite of them all!

I also had to print this one too because Harlow loved it so much (I do too!).

Monday, March 5, 2012

23 Months Old

Oh no! In one short month my baby will be 2 years old! 2!! Time keeps on creeping up on me. Every time I say I'll do something tomorrow, or next month, I realize that the time keeps passing by without stopping. I need to fix that and make sure I'm really taking everything in and spending quality time with Harlow. Sometimes life gets busy. There are errands to run, dinner to be made, house to be cleaned, baths to be taken, laundry to be done and appointments to be met. At the end of each day I always say, "Shoot, I should have done....". I need to make a point in letting Harlow enjoy life, enjoy being a child. She needs to play more and experience new things. The summer is quickly approaching and we'll be gone from home for 4 months. I get really sad about leaving for Pete's work every summer but lately it's more of a sadness for Harlow. She will be so sad not to see her friends at tumble and swim, or her cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles.

"...I think any mama can agree that one of the best ways to feel loved is when someone loves your child." - Kelle Hampton

Harlow is so loved, and to me that is one of life's greatest gifts. I know that she has snuggled in to each persons heart just like she has mine. It's a good feeling to know that she is loved by so many people. There is always someone willing to look after her, play with her or talk to her. Her 2nd birthday is just around the corner and I can't wait to see her excitement when she realizes all of the people at her birthday party are there especially for her. It is such a good feeling to have so many people celebrate her!

But before I get ahead of myself, she's not 2 yet! At 23 months she is full of independence. Lately I have been hearing her say "all my self" a lot! (translated = all by myself) Sometimes it's fun to see what she's trying to do, even more fun to watch when she really does accomplish something herself. But other times it makes me cringe! For example, when she tries to climb up and down the stairs, I think my heart about leaps out of my chest every time! She is also an entertainer. Lately she has been singing and dancing up a storm. She can quickly learn the words to songs and sing them back. She LOVES to dance, and she is very specific on what she dances to. She is currently obsessed with The Fresh Beat Band, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and 80's old school music. I can't wait to enroll her in her first dance class, hopefully this summer in Texas (that's where we're going this year) we'll be able to find a good dance studio.

She also has so much to say these days. She talks about everything. And she can repeat everything. It is so fun to hear what she is thinking about. Well, everything is fun to hear except when she calls me by my first name. The first time was funny, the billion times after, not so much.

Harlow's Newest Words/Sentences:

-Good job
-I hungry
-I sleepy
-I broke it
-That's my bum bum
-All better
-Whole wide world (Every day I make sure to tell Harlow that she is my favorite person in the whole wide world and she ALWAYS repeats, whole wide world back to me.)
-So much (as in, I love you so much)
-Noggin, Dude...
-She can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
-and Ring Around the Rosies
-and 5 little Monkeys
-and The Wheels on the Bus
-Oh my gosh
-This is fun
-Disney Store
-I have no idea
-Sharmela :(
-Be safe
-Be careful
-Crazy hair
-Peter pan
-Peter Pan's shadow
-Throw it
-I no take nap
-Where's my baby?
-I color
-Where's my bellybutton?
-Where's Gus Gus?
-I go outside
-That's yours
-This is mine
-I sit your lap
-Lay down
-Stand up
-Sit down
-Basketball game
-Fresh Beat Band
-But mom...
-I want some too
-Stupid (I have no idea where she learned this, she obviously didn't know what it meant when she said it but she sure did get in trouble!)
-Change my diaper
-I go back bed
-You're driving
-Don't worry
-All together
-All day long
-I be right back, ok?
-Stand corner (She had her first time out this month, it worked like a charm!)
-Same size
-I done now?
-Birthday party
-All my friends
-She's so cute

I wish I could keep track of all the things she can say, I know I'm missing so many. She is talking up a storm, and can narrate any situation we are in. Sometimes good and sometimes bad, like when I'm in a dressing room and she decides to chant, mommy naked, naked, naked. :(

Check out Harlow's 23 month photo shoot:

Harlow Emi Hafen, you're my favorite in the whole wide world!