Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Big Fresno Fair 2012

We took our annual family trip to the fair this past weekend.  Luckily the weather decided to cool down a bit.  Last year the kiddie rides were such a hit with Harlow that we made sure to spend a majority of our time there first.  That way she was happy, not tired or hungry and could enjoy herself.  I think we did almost every ride she could do!  And poor daddy had to do all of them with her, except one.  But that didn't end well. She wanted to ride a boat ride in water but Daddy was too big and she had to ride alone.  Another little boy wanted to ride with her.  She was fine until he started ringing the bell over and over again.  She was not a fan and ended up hunched over crying her eyes out for the rest of the ride.  Such a drama queen! 

We also made sure to take our photo booth picture, stop and see the animals and of course eat some good food.  We had chicken kabobs, a corn dog and ice cream.  Plus a cinnamon roll to go.  I love the fair! 


Going to the Circus!

While we were in Texas this summer we decided to take a trip to the Ringling Bro Circus that was stopping in Dallas.  I haven't been to the Circus in a few years and was pretty entertained.  I actually had a migraine through the whole show (the circus and a migraine are a bad combo) but I wasn't about to miss Harlow's first trip to the circus!  She sat through the entire show and didn't miss a thing.  She loved the tigers and the clowns as well as all the acrobats.   She still asks to go to the circus again.  And we've promised to go back again sometime. 

She loved the tigers so we got her a tiger of her own to take home.
This is actually BEFORE we got to the circus.  She was so excited she wore herself out before we even got there.
All of us in the car headed to the Circus.  She was so excited, can you tell?