Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Dada's Day!

"Happy DaDa's Day!" as Harlow would say. Harlow knew just how to maker her Daddy feel special on Father's Day, she let him sleep in until 8:30 a.m. :) And then she gave him her gifts that she worked very hard on. Here is a little glimpse of them:

We had a mini photo shoot with Daddy's shoes or as Harlow would say "shies". We know how much he loves his Nike's so I thought it would be a good representation of Daddy in her D.A.D. photo shoot.

I also wrote out a message for her (since her handwriting and spelling aren't that great yet ;) ) and let her color to her hearts content.

And a few weeks ago I saw a great idea for a hand-made card. So I helped Harlow trace her hands and cut them out and added a message in the middle.

We also picked out a new shirt for him.

We spent the day going to the dog park in the morning, hanging out at home playing with Harlow's toys and when she went down for a nap, Pete picked up Joe's Crab Shack for lunch for us. Later that night Pete's office went down to a nearby park to play... kickball. Yes, kickball. When was the last time you played kickball? I bet it was about the 3rd or 4th grade. haha. It was pretty funny to watch a bunch of adult men play though.

And of course Father's Day ended with ice cream for Daddy. I mean, it is his day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Dad

We've always known Pete is Harlow's Super Dad but now he can fly too! While we are out here in Colorado while Pete works, Pete found a great incentive for his office. He took the top 10 guys in his office indoor skydiving. Harlow and I and another one of the guys wife tagged along to watch. Well I was more photographer but that's ok. It was very humorous to watch. They had a lot of fun and I took about 200 pictures of all of the guys taking their turns skydiving but I'll spare you from all of the pictures and just show you the ones relevant to this blog and my family :)

Harlow and Katie waiting for the guys to get suited up.

Daddy putting on all of his gear.

Group shot of all of the guys who got to go.

Harlow and Daddy before they started.

Pete indoor skydiving.

Harlow spotted her Daddy through the glass and was very excited.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Photo Shoot: Out-takes

Father's Day is coming up and Harlow and I have been busy preparing. We want to make the best dad in the world feel special. But have you ever tried to sit a 14 month old baby in one spot and get a few good pictures. It's exhausting! First you have to keep her attention ( ie: jumping around, singing, clapping, etc) and at the same time you have to take an in-focus picture. I don't want to spoil the surprise so I'll leave you with a few out-takes instead.

We had to take a break and play a little to get her re-focused.

Gus was no help, lazy dog.

I went to target one day to get diaper rash cream and somehow came home with this 4-wheeler. I sent Pete and picture and he said we HAD to buy it for her. Soon she'll be riding daddy's dirt bikes!

I'll be back sometime later with the result from our father's day photo shoot.

trial and error

Harlow and I spend a lot of time in the living room playing with her toys. I pulled out my camera to test out my manual settings and of course I focused on my best subject :)

When Harlow got tired of looking at the camera, I turned on the self-timer to get a picture of the two of us. All I wanted was one good picture. Is that too much to ask? This is how the self-timer pictures turned out. And in order too!

(Click on the picture for a closer look at all of her many expressions)

I guess I did get my ONE good picture.

The faces she is making is due to me asking her to say "cheese". I love that the first picture shows so much of her personality.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Going to the Park

While my parents were in Colorado, we took Harlow to the park that is close to our apartment. We spent some time on the swings, the slide, the rocking horse, picking flowers and blowing bubbles. All of her favorite things. It was hot and sunny and it was only 10 in the morning. We didn't last too long before we had to say goodbye to my parents. We were so glad they could come and Harlow was so happy to see them.

My mom and Harlow walking into the park.

She loves these sunglasses.

Swinging on the swings.

Such a happy face.

Practicing her walking in shoes. She doesn't really like to walk in shoes.

Climbing the stairs to the top of the slide.

Going down the slide with Daddy.

She actually made it rock back and forth on her own this time.


Her "oh!" face.

Trying to catch the bubbles.

I LOVE this face!

Being silly.

Picking flowers with Jiichan.

She also like to smell her flowers.

um, look at those big brown eyes. LOVE.

Giving her flowers to mommy :)