Wednesday, January 26, 2011

God, are you there? It's me, Harlow...

This picture has nothing to do with this post.
Just couldn't resist sharing what a cutie she is! :)

I wanted to write down a conversation that I overheard at the store a couple of weeks ago because it was so GREAT!

I was inside Crafters Palace, or known also as the Palace Courtyard. I was walking around with Harlow who was grabbing at every bow on the racks. There was a mom and son walking close by. The Mom pointed out the Mexican flag in one of the booths. Her son immediately said, "Mom, is God Mexican?"

There was complete silence for at least a second. And then I couldn't hold back my laughter. Not to laugh AT him, but because it was such a cute and inquisitive question. What a smarty pants to even think to ask that!

The Mom made eye contact with me and smiled. I think she needed a few seconds to get her thoughts together. But she had the greatest answer.

She said, "God is not Mexican, God is a little of everything." Such a great answer to a question most wouldn't know how to respond to. Go mom!

There is a little more to the story though, and that part is just funny.

The son then asked, "Does God speak Greek?"

After that I had to walk away. This conversation was a good reminder that someday Harlow is going to ask me hard questions that I will have to know the answer to, or at least give an answer with enough truth to it that she understands the answer. So I had to file this one away in my memory for a later date.

I wonder what other questions I'll need to be prepared for...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walking... Well trying.

A couple of days ago I noticed that Harlow has starting pulling herself up on EVERYTHING! she has known for awhile how to do it but lately she does it on EVERYTHING and that's not an exaggeration. In her crib, on the coffee table, the dresser, the wall, her toys, our bed and even when she's sitting in my lap! She is getting so strong and independent. That makes for a happy and sad momma all at the same time.

I almost couldn't believe it this morning. Harlow and I were practicing her walking. I usually hold her hands on top of her toy to make sure she doesn't let go and fall. But today she kind of shook my hands off so I figured I'd let her try. And away she went! Once she figures out how to pick up the speed, our house will be a wreck! And our dogs won't know what him 'em! :)

YouTube Video

YouTube Video
She is a lot faster when you let her hold onto your fingers and walk with her.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday in Pictures

I've forgotten Wednesday in Pictures for awhile.
I didn't get many pictures today, I've had another migraine all day.
But tonight Pete gave Harlow a bath and I fluffed her hair into a Mohawk. I was excited it was long and thick enough to do.
So we snapped a couple of pictures.
Maybe we'll try a small ponytail soon...
Or a clip without a headband :)

She loves seeing herself in the mirror.
We have to hide my floor length one behind the door.
She is so strong she pulls it down onto herself.
We went shopping last weekend and every time we would pass a mirror she would wave at herself. The sales women thought she was the cutest.
Me too.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let it Snow!

Getting ready this morning.
We decided last night that we would get up and drive to the snow today.
So Harlow could experience snow for the first time.
We took the dogs too, hence, Gus is a sweater.


She slept the whole ride to Shaver, this picture was taken when she first got out of the car. She was still a little sleepy and grumpy.
And then she saw the snow!

Not too sure what to do.

Buddha was a klutz in the snow. It was pretty funny.

Clothes changed, back in the car, and warm again.
Heading for home.
Check out the mountains through the window.
My mom made her that adorable hat. LOVE.

So sad these family pictures came out so dark but you get what you get with the self timer.
I wish Buddha was in this picture too. We don't have any pictures with ALL of the kids.

Next time we go to the snow will be a lot more fun for Harlow and us. Next year she'll be running through the snow or sledding down the hill {Backwards, if she's anything like her dad}.
But we still had a fun morning.
Though it did reinforce my feelings of being a warm weather person. :)

Go Dogs!

Papa Rick and Grandma Lori were kind enough to invite us to a Fresno State Men's Basketball game. We haven't been yet this season. They played Utah State. We lost...
But we still had fun!
Especially Harlow. Her first basketball game.
She did really well.
Jessi and Uncle Nick came too.

Jessi and her friend Anna and Harlow.

Finally Some Girls!

Our family has been lacking in the girl department. All of the recent kids born have been boys until... NOW!
Jenna is almost 2
and Harlow and Miya were born on the exact same day! About 4 hours apart.

Watch out boys, soon these 3 will be everywhere!

Born on the same day...
check out that size difference.
at the time of these pictures Harlow was 15 lbs. 6 oz.
Miya is 22lbs!!

New Years Day, Harlow playing with one of her new Christmas toys.