Saturday, January 28, 2012

Casa de Fruta

I have been itching to get out of Fresno for a few weeks now. I really wanted to take Harlow somewhere fun that she would enjoy. So I talked Pete into going to Casa de Fruta and then to Gilroy to do some quick shopping. We made a little day trip of it and had so much fun. We stopped first at Casa de Fruta to have lunch, ride the carousel, ride the train, see some animals and go to the candy shop. All of which was a huge success. Harlow screamed with excitement when she caught sight of the carousel. And pretty much screamed "weeee" the whole 10 minute train ride. We had fun exploring for the day. I love seeing her little face light up with excitement when she experiences something new or fun. After Case de Fruta we headed to Gilroy to do some quick shopping that turned out to be not so successful. But that's ok, we had a fun day as a family.

She rode the carousel 2 times. One on the bottom level and one time on the top level.

It was actually a pretty warm and sunny day.

She loved this little toddler sized train.

The bell started ringing and scared her.

Waiting patiently to ride the train.

I've decided we need to do something like this at least once a month, and if not once a month, at least more often!

Grandpa Brent and Grammy Came to Visit

Grandpa Brent and Grammy Rhonda came to Fresno for a visit! I'm sure their main reason for coming was to see their newest grandbaby, Bennett, but we'll take what we can get. It has been awhile since we've last spent some time with them so we made sure to keep our schedule pretty clear to hang out. We hadn't had Christmas with them yet so it was pretty fun to get to do Christmas all over again a month later. Harlow is in love with a tiny baby doll they got her, and she even calls her Baby Rhonda. She has been carrying her around ever since opening it. She got some other goodies too but Baby Rhonda is her favorite!

Harlow just having woken up, can you tell by her sleepy little eyes?

Giving Buddha a kiss.

Amelia, Nick, Brianna and Baby Bennett came to our house one night. As well as Grandpa and Grammy. They all had a blast playing in Harlow's new playroom.

She sure loved that Grandpa let her "bonk" him over the head with this wrapping paper roll over and over again. She laughed hysterically every time he said "owe".

We can't wait until the next time we can hang out!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Park City, Utah

A week ago ( I know I'm behind on my blog) we spent 3 days in Park City, Utah. Pete is switching to a different company for work and they were having a managers retreat. Harlow and I were invited to go along. To my surprise, we did not stay in a hotel. We stayed in a huge mansion in the mountains. When I say huge, I mean HUGE! It was like a 6,000 sq feet, 4 million dollar home. It was heavenly! But I didn't bring my camera along. I figured this trip would be a boring, cold, work trip. I am so bummed I have no pictures of the home we stayed in. All of the managers and their wives and some of their kids stayed in the house as well. It had something like 7 bedrooms, mudroom, huge kitchen and living spaces, theater, game room, sauna, spa, down stair kitchen and living space, etc. I think my favorite was the heated floors in the mudroom. A girl can dream right? If my floors were heated we'd never have to turn our heater on. (I hate wearing socks)

It didn't snow but it sure was cold. A few days before we arrived it had snowed so there was snow on the ground and it was a high of 36 degrees while we were there. I don't do well in the cold and Harlow and I do not have a wardrobe fitting for snow. I literally had 4 layers on her at all times. Harlow was a big fan of playing in the snow but since we didn't have snow clothes she didn't get to do as much as she would have liked. But it was beautiful to look at.

Harlow on the morning we left. Testing out her hat and shopping with Gus Gus.

The night we arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah

On our last day we found an indoor carousel and of course Harlow wanted to take a ride.

Playing in the snow outside the house we stayed at.

Drawing pictures in the snow.

Of course Pooh Bear came along for the trip.

Ever played Rollick? Pretty entertaining.

Park City, Utah sunset.