Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween from two of the cutest girls around! Halloween was so much fun this year! Harlow is now old enough to voice her opinion on what she wants to dress up as.  I had no say in picking out her costume and she chose to be a Unicorn. Who doesn't love UNICORNS?!?! I figured Lennox should dress up as something that was somewhat related to a Unicorn so she was a Troll Doll. Remember those "collectible" dolls from years ago? They were our mythical creatures this Halloween. 

Both of their costumes were super easy to put together. I ordered Harlow's Unicorn hat off of Etsy and the rest was ballet attire that thankfully she can reuse when she starts dance class again.  And the night before Halloween I made her a tail out of yarn to match the mane of her Unicorn hat.  Lennox's costume was even easier! I hand dyed a white onesie and white tights to be a nude color, bought pink hair -spray paint and a little plastic rhinestone that I glued onto the onesie. Lennox hated when we sprayed her hair and I almost felt bad for doing it until I was done and saw her finished costume. It was awesome!

We met up at Grandma Lori and Papa Rick's house for some food and then went trick-or-treating with the cousins in Grandma and Papa's neighborhood. Harlow and Lennox were both starting to show signs of a cold so we didn't trick or treat for long but they had a blast running from house to house.  Well, Lennox had a blast watching the bigger kids. Maybe next year Lenny...

It needs to be known that there was no coaching from me in her posing. This was all on her own, and she rocked it!

Her cheeks! I could just bite them, they are so cute!

Lennox was mad we tried to move her pumpkin to get a better picture of her costume.

Aunt Kelsey and Lennox.

Most of the group before trick-or-treating.

Aunt Brianna, Harlow and Lennox.

Frankie and Bennett in the background.

Cousin Bennett was The Chimney Sweep and big sister Amelia was the cutest Mary Poppins.

Kelsey and Jessi.

Papa and Lennox.

Brianna and Bennett.

Nick, Kelsey and Jessi.

Sorry Marla. :)

They are so cute!

Is it bad luck to pet a black cat on Halloween?

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