Saturday, November 9, 2013

Utah Trip

A few weeks ago we traveled to Utah to attend Pete's end of the year banquet for his work.  I was sad to miss it last year but was about to have Lennox. This year we decided to drag both the kids with us to spend time with Grandpa Brent and that way we could fly out of Utah to our Mexico vacation that was only two days later, instead of driving home and then flying the next day.  Lennox is not a pleasure to be with on long car rides. I wish I hadn't accidentally deleted the video I took of her screaming. I would love to have that to share with her when she is older. And man, she can scream for hours!

This has been Pete's best year yet which is exciting for the future. Each year just keeps getting better. He is such a dedicated and hard worker and it is nice to see him rewarded for his hard work. He and many of the guys he manages received recognition and awards. One of his reps actually sold the most accounts ever in the company history (309 in a year) and was given a Harley! Pete won awards for making it into the 200 Club by selling more than 200 accounts in one year, 282 to be exact! As well as making it into the Legacy Club for the total number of accounts that he has sold for the company. And he received Top Manager of the Year!

I complain daily for the time he has to put into his work but in all honesty I am truly thankful for such a hard working man and role model for my kids.  His job is unique in the fact that it requires that we move every year for at least 4 months. And while that could be tiresome for many people (me!) he never lets it get to him. He has the best outlook that if he is going to do the time in working out of state, he is going to make it worthwhile in the end! And boy did he show it this year!
Grandpa Brent made the trip from St. George to Provo to hang out with us for the weekend and to watch the girls for us while we were at the banquet. Harlow loves her Grandpa Brent, and so does Lennox. He is so good to them!


His very own Bobble Head!

I can't remember the last time we have had to actually pay for a TV out of pocket. This guy wins a bigger one every year!

Harlow made friends with Grammy's new kitty, Baloo.

Lenny did too, sort of... I think the kitten thought she was a toy.

Um, Baloo loved me as you can tell.

Pete's company volunteered at a Halloween event for kids so we tagged along for a little of it while he worked. Harlow got to play games and meet The Cat in the Hat which Lennox flipped over. She loved it!

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