Saturday, November 9, 2013

Break the Barriers Gymnastics for Harlow

I haven't taken many pictures of Harlow at gymnastics now that she is no longer in a mommy and me class. She is loving her gymnastics class.  She is still the smallest and probably the most timid in her class but she has so much fun. And I guess it will spare me a few broken bones in her lifetime. She won't be jumping off the fridge any time soon. Lennox on the other hand, just might be that child.

Harlow also loves her coaches. And the friends she is making in class. Just this last week she came out of class holding a little girls hand and she even made it a point to go and hug her goodbye. Probably the sweetest thing I've seen from her in awhile!

Though she is timid she has slowly become braver and more confident in the things she can do which is worth the money we spend on class just in that aspect. I'm not expecting her to be doing back flips any time soon but what she learns from Break the Barriers about herself, the others around her and to be giving, selfless, and kindhearted is enough for me!

Jiichan came to watch!

And Deby got to play with Harlow for a little while. Harlow calls her Grandma Deby!


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